Google Announces Nexus 7 Tablet, Nexus Q Media Streaming Device at I/O

June 27, 2012

Derek Walter for redOrbit.com

Staying true to the rumors, Google announced the Nexus 7 tablet at its I/O conference today, bringing another direct competitor to a market dominated by the iPad.

The 7-inch tablet comes in two models, an 8GB configuration for $199 and 16GB for $249. It is available for purchase directly on the Google Play store.

Google is going further into the hardware game, showing off the Nexus Q media streaming device. It streams content from one’s Google Play or YouTube account to speakers or a television. However, at $299 it is more expensive than the competing Apple TV, which is $99.

There was a dramatic demonstration of its Project Glass, the wearable computer that provides real-time information and data for your surroundings. A live video showed a team of skydivers wearing the glasses while jumping out of a plane. Developers who want to try out the hardware are now able to get their own for $1500.

On the Android front, Jelly Bean, aka Android 4.1, is now official. It includes faster responsiveness and upgrades to the search engine called Google Now. By tapping into your navigation and web history, the Google search tool can remind you of appointments and departure times.

Jelly Bean will be available for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, and Nexus 7 tablet in mid-July.

Source: Derek Walter for redOrbit.com

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