June 27, 2012

iPhone Earns $150 Billion, Just In Time For Its Birthday

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com

This Friday will be a big day for iPhone fans the world over. On June 29, 2012, the iPhone will turn 5 years old. The world was quite a different place, technologically speaking, 5 years ago. As such, the iPhone was a complete game changer for many.

Though revolutionary, those accustomed to the latest iPhone 4S may laugh at the first generation´s spec sheet. While a 2 megapixel camera, 5 hour talk time and 4,8 and 16 gigabyte options might have been just below market standard 5 years ago, they are nearly unheard of these days. And what about that price? Originally starting at $499, most predicted Apple´s imminent failure. Apple did, of course, later drop the price.

Just in time for its birthday, analyst firm Strategy Analytics has released a report detailing just how well the iPhone has behaved in it´s first 5 years. According to their report, the iPhone has generated $150 Billion of cumulative revenues in 5 years.

Senior analyst at Strategy Analytics Neil Shah said in the report, “Apple´s first iPhone was launched commercially in the United States on June 29, 2007. Between June 2007 and June 2012, we estimate the iPhone family of models has generated US $150 billion of cumulative revenues worldwide for Apple. This is an impressive achievement and it illustrates just how popular the iPhone has become during the past five years.”

Indeed, each time numbers are released about iPhone´s performance, they´re always impressive. Another Neil, Neil Mawston–executive director at Strategy Analytics–added, “The iPhone portfolio has become a huge generator of cash and profit for Apple. A quarter of a billion iPhones have been shipped cumulatively worldwide in the first five years since launch and Apple reaches its fifth birthday at the top of its game.”

Joining in the celebration, Simon Migliano has posted a pleasant little infographic at VoucherCodes.co.uk with several other fun facts about the iPhone.

For instance, did you know more iPhones are sold each day than babies are born? Thanks to the rising popularity of the iPhone in 2008, the brand new App Store was able to move 10 million apps within its first week. The infographic also cites studies which suggest the iPhone triggers the same part of the brain associated with love and compassion. How could such a device NOT achieve these levels of success?

So, what will the next 5 years hold for Apple´s Jesus Phone?

The Strategy Analytics study does go on to say Apple will have a tough road ahead of them in the next 5 years as other smartphones rise in popularity.

For instance, there have been reports which not only suggest that Android will continue to beat out the iPhone in terms of sales and market share, but one specific report shows that Apple will also have to watch their backs for Windows Phone. According to a IDC report, Apple will become number 3 behind Android and Windows Phone in just 4 years.

No matter what happens in the future, no one can take away iPhone´s achievements thus far. It´s also likely the next iPhone will be greeted with an even warmer reception than the previous iPhone 4S. Once it, and iOS 6 are delivered, perhaps some of these analytics firms will change their tune?