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Treat Your Home to Furniture that Boasts Substance and Style

June 27, 2012

LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — There are some trends that are fleeting and ephemeral. One-hit-wonders rise and fall on the pop charts, replaced by the next piece of fluff. Political scandals dominate the airwaves, and then are quickly forgotten as some new and more titillating piece of gossip hits the front pages. Fashion crazes sweep the nation and then find themselves relegated to the dustbins of history as the “next big thing” appears on the horizon. That said, there are certain trends that, because they actually have substance and style, stand the test of time (not to mention the fickle taste of the masses).

Naurelle, L.A.’s leading provider of modern European furniture, has captured something that truly endures and grows in value. This high-end store has gone back through the years to find styles and concepts that can be appreciated now as much as, if not more than, they were appreciated decades and even centuries ago. The kings and queens of Old Europe wanted to live forever; they wanted to build a legacy around themselves that never diminished, and this was evident in the way that they decorated their palaces and homes. What’s great about Naurelle is that these designs and fabrics are just the starting point; modern European furniture from Naurelle is born from centuries of evolving improvements in design and craftsmanship and always has a contemporary flair.

A great place to start to explore Naurelle’s collection is their user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and informative website. Here you will a diverse array of contemporary Italian furniture and Spanish furniture to turn your home into a work of art unto itself. The Naurelle showroom features such sumptuous visual delights as an Italian three-seat sofa, with its plush tan cushions and strong lacquered wood accenting, and matching armchair, supported by a modern geometric pattern. The sheer depth and breadth of choices available at Naurelle is unrivaled. The dedicated, knowledgeable, and extremely experienced professionals who operate this showroom have managed to assemble some of the world’s finest antique European furniture under one roof. Naurelle’s President, the esteemed Kayvan Nahai, has chosen only the most exquisite pieces to offer his valued customers, many of whom continue to return for all of their elite furniture and lighting needs.

Under Mr. Nahai’s leadership, Naurelle is single-handedly advancing centuries-old legacies of furniture making. Become a part of this legacy by bringing home your own work of art. Mr. Nahai makes complimentary visits to the homes of clients, helping them pick out contemporary Italian and Spanish furniture to perfectly match their space.

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