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F18 Carrier Landing New Release 3.1.: A Top Flight Experience

June 28, 2012

MILAN, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The Release 3.0. of F18 Carrier Landing, iOS compatible with iPhone 3GS/4+, iPad, iPod Touch 3rd/4th+ has been further improved. The Simulation Game has been steady placed in Top Ten in UK and in USA for one month and the developer decided to realize a further update and to distribute codes to bloggers and journalists to review the game (that can be downloaded by iTunes or Google Play ).

The stunning graphic in now more refined: the land and the environment are now highly realistic and cloud and weather conditions have been redesigned. The Flight Simulator have been developed also from a technical point of view, for a top flight experience, with the aim to give players new opportunities to become a great pilot: the new component “wind drag” during flight and landing increases the game difficulty for a more realistic challenge.

F18 Carrier Landing Developer has also decided to enhance the game instrumentation in the aircraft cockpit to provide the pilot with information about the flight situation. Now the H.U.D. equipment has been completed with altitude and speed indicators, banking angle, compass and Flight Path Marker to allow a correct approach to landing in strong crosswinds conditions.

F18 Carrier Landing is having a stunning success among iPad users, demonstrating the Simulator Graphic and Engine Quality. Players are enthusiastic about the possibility to fly with F-14 Tomcat, an aircraft everybody have seen flying in Top Gun, and they ask for new models and new missions.

The company, Rortos, excited by this result will be pleased to receive feedback and advises through Twitter (@Rortos) and through Facebook (writing on the official page Facebook/f18CarrierLanding). F18 Carrier Landing is also going to launch a survey through social channels, where players can instantly share screenshots of their best landing.

– Flight performance improved
– Ground and Environment photo-realistic graphic
– Clouds and weather conditions graphics redesigned
– New “wind drag” component
– Instrumentation H.U.D. complete
– New Flight “View” only H.U.D.


Source: PR Newswire