Get Your Freak On: Android On A Mac
June 28, 2012

Get Your Freak On: Android On A Mac

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Have you ever wondered if there was a greater insult to your elegant and aluminum bedecked Mac than using it to run Windows?

Sure, I understand. You HAVE to use Windows. For work. I get it, and I apologize.

BlueStacks has officially outdone this hybrid atrocity, releasing software which allows a small set of stock, bare bones Android apps to run on the Machines Which Steve Built.

The start-up has already joined the two names which cause Apple loyalists to cringe – Android and Windows – together in previous versions of their software. Now, either in an attempt to raise the angry Ghost of Jobs or to cause Macs the world over to weep tears of blood, the company is beta-testing software to bring Google´s mobile OS to Apple.

Never short on good ideas, the folks at BlueStacks staged a mock wedding at Google´s I/O developer conference to launch what they´re calling the “public alpha” version of their software. Complete with formal invitations, developers were asked to witness the most unholy of unions in the same building as so many Jobs´ keynotes and product launches.

The attire, according to All Things D, was hoodie casual. As for who played which roles, Apple got to be the bride, Android the groom. A Tim Cook impersonator, it turns out, gave away the bride.

It gets worse. The start-up even had what looks like an Ice Cream Sandwich wedding cake, topped with Green Android Robot and Red Apple with White MacBook. A string quartet provided musical merriment. No word on if Andy Rubin gave a drunken and embarrassing toast. “Android and I once got SO FRAGMENTED we couldn't remember where we had been or who we had done it with. It was so crazy“¦”

So, what madness drives a person to forever join these two entities in unholy matrimony?

“People are spending a lot of time on their smartphones and want the same experience on all devices,” said BlueStacks CEO Rosen Harma.

It seems BlueStacks hopes the two seemingly polar opposite parties stand to benefit from one another´s company. Continuing, Harma said, “By bringing Android Apps to Mac we are breaking open the Apple ecosystem, which has traditionally been closed.”

“Also, Android is struggling because of a lack of tablet applications. Developers now have an incentive to build hi-res apps to work on the resolutions like retina displays on the new Mac, for example.”

The Fine Folks at The Verge have taken a look at the BlueStacks public alpha to see what all the hubbub is about.

Their first thoughts? ““¦it's clear the software is in its early stages.”

According to The Verge, there are only a limited amount of apps available to run on the Mac, and those apps which are compatible only offer limited functionality. Some apps which are available are Facebook and Twitter. You know, two apps you can already access on the web without going through the sticky business of forcing one OS on another.

In the name of fairness and what-not, I holed up in a dark corner of the coffee shop where no one could see, and ran the app on my own MacBook Pro, with immense apologies.

I ran a game called RoboDefense, a paint app called ZebraPaint and, for fun, Facebook. From what I can tell, the BlueStacks app works fine, though doesn´t seem to offer much functionality yet. There´s also the small fact that I can´t think of a single thing on I´d like to do on an Android machine that I can´t already do on my Mac, but I suppose I´m missing the spirit of the thing.