Google I/O Conference, Chrome, iOS
June 29, 2012

Google Announces A Lot Of Chrome And A Drive

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Google´s very own developer conference, Google I/O, runs through the end of the week as the internet search team continues to give us something to talk about.

On Thursday they announced the long-awaited iOS version of their popular Chrome browser, marking yet another alternative to the native mobile Safari browser. They also introduced an iOS-friendly version of their Google Drive online storage service, reports Laura June for The Verge.

Google´s Chrome for iOS is available for devices running iOS 4.3 and above. The app is also integrated with Chrome Sync, which will keep your tabs and data in line.

Much like the desktop version of Chrome, the iOS variant is also said to have an “incognito” mode for private browsing and their unique tabbed browsing interface.

Apple´s regulations being what they are, this new app is more of an iOS port than an actual, mobile version of the app. For instance, the desktop version of Chrome uses its own rendering and JavaScript engine. It´s also forbidden in the iOS ecosystem to change your default browser (and mail, for that matter). Therefore, this is mostly iOS´s WebKit wrapped up in a Google UI cover.

Google also announced their Chrome browser would be the default selection in their next version of Android, Jelly Bean 4.1.

The iOS version of Google Drive will allow iPad and iPhone users the ability to connect to their Google Drive in the cloud and access their content and data. Such applications already exist for Mac and, of course, Android. Google is proud of their cloud offering, saying they´ve already signed up 10 million users in just 10 weeks of availability.

These software offerings are pivotal to Google´s line of laptops, the Chromebook. These portable computers only run Chrome OS and take advantage of apps found in the Chrome Web Store. In addition to announcing iOS versions of Chrome and Google Drive, Google also brought Google Drive and a new version of Google Docs to the Chrome OS, expanding the Chromebook´s functionality. With documents and files in the cloud, the Chromebook becomes more of what Google originally imagined the laptop to be: A portal with which to edit and view your data in the cloud.

They also announced these Chromebooks will be available at Best Buy stores in the US and Dixon´s retail stores in Great Britain.

Manufactured by Samsung, these Chromebooks run on solid state drives, making them fast to boot and fast to load, just like a MacBook Air. With each of their applications hosted on the web, Google hopes these laptops will become an ideal choice for businesses and universities. The downside to the Chromebook, however, is rather obvious: Without an internet connection, it becomes useless. According to Google senior vice president Sundar Pichai, there are currently 310 million active Chrome users, including both Chrome OS users and Chrome browser users, reports Cade Metz for