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Crossrider Completes Beta, Launches Cloud-Based Cross-Browser Extension Development Platform

June 29, 2012

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Multiple web browser choices are great for users, but they can be a nightmare for developers, who have traditionally had to create extensions in various code languages to fit each browser’s unique requirements. Fast-growing startup Crossrider aims to change that with a unique development platform that lets developers create cross-browser extensions in just minutes with a single JavaScript code and publish to end-users from day one. The company is stepping out of beta and now offers the platform to a rapidly expanding developer base.

“We finished our beta phase in late May,” notes Crossrider co-founder Koby Menachemi. “We haven’t advertised or done press outreach until now, but already have 7,000 developers signed up, and 50 or more join Crossrider every day. We power nearly 90,000,000 users, with approximately a million new end-users added daily. We’ve grown from two employees in July to 16 today, with more hires planned. Our unique solution has definitely put us on the fast track.”

It’s easy to see why developers, fed up with the hassles of building an extension for each browser, would find the new startup’s platform attractive. With Crossrider, web developers don’t need to learn a new language since they already know JavaScript and can create extensions that support all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Crossrider also provides all the tools needed to build and manage apps, including JQuery support, a powerful API and app-boosting Crossrider plugins, which allow developers to create custom code to extend the Crossrider API and enable code sharing within the Crossrider developer community.

Crossrider also features a cloud-based IDE that allows developers to create extensions in real-time without downloading a development package. The IDE is equipped with IntelliSense to enable autocompletion for all Crossrider API methods, making development even faster and easier.

Recognizing that building an awesome app is just the first step, Crossrider provides solutions beyond the development phase, including publishing tools to help developers push their apps out to potentially millions of users from day one via a fully scalable solution with automatic code updating capabilities and robust analytics to monitor success. All of these features make Crossrider a one-stop app development and promotion shop, which is why they’re finding a highly receptive fan base.

Bruno Barbieri, a Crossrider developer, said, “Crossrider allowed me to think outside of the box and create things I never thought possible. Plus, with no learning curve (it’s just JQuery!), I managed to build my cross-browser extension in just a few hours.”

Like many innovative startups, Crossrider began as a clever solution to a real-world problem: Menachemi, a Firefox user at the time Chrome launched, developed and shared an extension via social media, which was then shared more than 30,000 times overnight. This inspired him – along with co-founder Shmueli Ahdut – to create an end-to-end solution that would allow developers to build, publish and manage apps on a single platform. That’s how Crossrider got its start. The promising new startup secured $2 million in funding from numerous leading technology sector investors in a round led by Oren Zeev, Founding Partner at Orens Capital and former General Partner at Apax Partners, who now serves as Chairman of the Board at Crossrider.

Crossrider is free to join and takes care of compliance, offers seamless code updating and debugging tools. When new browser versions are released, Crossrider ensures the code in existing extensions continues to work correctly without requiring additional coding or changes, leaving developers free to focus on building and improving their apps. An error dashboard to help developers monitor in-app events is currently in beta, and the Crossrider team is continuously developing and adding new tools to improve the platform.

As an incredibly powerful platform, Crossrider operates at the intersection of cutting edge extension technology. Although the Crossrider developer community is bound by rigorous terms and conditions of use to protect end-users, the platform’s ability to simplify extension development is lucrative to developers with good and bad intentions alike. When a bad developer used the Crossrider platform to create a malicious app, the Crossrider team disabled the malicious code as soon as it was identified. The company also developed cooperative relationships with Facebook and others and put automatic and manual monitoring tools in place to protect end-users from bad developers who might attempt to use the Crossrider platform to spread malicious apps across multiple browsers. End-user safety is a primary objective.

The need to create extensions to accommodate multiple browsers used to be one of the most tedious tasks associated with app development, forcing developers to spend hours developing custom code for each browser. Crossrider removes that hassle while providing a one-stop destination for managing and tracking apps as well as a fast-growing developer community. Find out more about Crossrider at http://crossrider.com/.

About Crossrider
Founded in late 2010, Crossrider eliminates the need for developers to create multiple browser extensions by offering a cross-browser solution they can use to develop apps that work on all major browsers with a single JavaScript code. Crossrider provides a powerful API that takes care of the rest and a robust suite of tools developers can use to build, manage, monetize and track app performance. Discover more at http://crossrider.com/.

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