Rumors Say Facebook Planning To Launch 'Want' Button
June 30, 2012

Rumors Say Facebook Planning To Launch ‘Want’ Button

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

One developer claims to have uncovered evidence in Facebook's code showing that the popular social networking website could be considering adding a "Want" button.

According to Salvador Rodriguez of the Los Angeles Times, the man, Tom Waddington, said that the code for the button appears in Facebook's Javascript SDK (software developer kit) as a tag reading "<fb:wants>".

He also said that he has gotten the button to show up on his website, and that it resembles the social network's "Like" button -- "it has blue wording on top of a light blue bubble, but it also includes an icon with a plus button, based off of the one on Waddington's website," Rodriguez said. "If you click it now, it'll say your name followed by 'wants this.' However, it'll also give you a very red 'Error' message."

Waddington, a developer for the craft tutorial website Cut Out + Keep, told Mashable's Samantha Murphy that the code was released to the social media website's code Wednesday, along with several other tags, including "degrees," "page events," and "privacy selector." The Want button would only work on Open Graph projects with the tag "products" and that the company had not yet enabled any apps to publish "Wants" as of Friday.

"The option would likely be helpful for Facebook's ad partners. Add a product to your Facebook wishlist and the company that produces it could serve up discounts -- or just keep tabs on interest. Or, peruse the wishlist of a friend for birthday or holiday gift ideas?" Chloe Albanesius of said.

Furthermore, Slashgear's Elise Moreau pointed out that the button "also displays a small plus sign icon on the left of it, which could suggest additional actions with the button“¦ Developers have had the opportunity to create their own versions of a Want button and it´s always called for authorization of a third-party app to allow actions to show up on any user´s timeline. A direct Want button would make it ridiculously easy for everyone to embrace and start using right away."

Moreau said that the company has yet to make a public listing about the Want button on their developer website, making it likely that they were not planning to reveal the idea at this time. Slashgear added that, while advertisers will probably enthusiastically support the concept, that time would tell whether or not the majority of members to be able to properly distinguish between the Want button and the Like button.

Murphy contacted Facebook for comment, and was told that while the social media outlet was "always testing new Platform features," that they had "nothing new to announce" at this time.