July 2, 2012

Want To Save $100 On A New Mac? Better Get To Best Buy

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

Normally, whenever Apple announces updates to their computers, they´ll move the recently outdated models to the refurbished section, offering a pretty good deal on a new-ish Mac. Likewise, retail stores, such as Best Buy, will mark these computers down to clear some stock and make room for the new, young hotness.

So, when we hear that Best Buy has marked down their Macs, it´s hard to get too excited. Today, however, it´s been discovered that Best Buy is offering a discount on Apple´s latest and greatest MacBook Pro with Retina Display. For instance, the 256 GB version is boasting a $110 price cut, bringing the total to $2,089. The high end version of he MBPRD with 512 GB will come with a $140 discount when it becomes available.

According to, Best Buy even began offering discounts on the new MacBook Airs and non-Retina MacBook Pros which were announced early last month. The 64 GB MacBook Airs, for instance, start at $949, a $50 discount.

Offering a similar discount, an entry level 21.5” iMac is currently on sale for $1,120, a savings of $80 from Apple´s asking price. Moving to the entry 27” iMac will only set you back $1,610, $90 cheaper than Apple´s asking price.

However, as Ian Paul writes at, one simply does not walk into Best Buy and expect to snag a MacBook Pro with Retina Display at the $2,090 price.

These prices are being offered only on in-store pick up models. Therefore, if your local Big Blue doesn´t have them in stock, you won´t be reaping the savings. Mr. Paul ran a check on several stores in the US and found that many didn´t have the new, young hotness in stock. I called several stores in the DFW area and found that many only had one of the 256 GB versions in stock. One store told me the only store in Texas with more than one was in Abilene, a bit of a drive for anyone in the DFW area.

The question of “Where should I buy my Mac?” is almost one of philosophical proportions. For some, the steep price tag associated with a new slab of aluminum and glass is enough to drive them to seek out any discount available, including used options from eBay or CraigsList. For these buyers, deals can often be found at Amazon, MacMall or MacConnection. Even offers deals on their Macs via refurbished items. Though your “new” Mac won´t ship in the famous white box, you will be getting an Apple-authorized Machine, complete with brand new parts, should the specific situation call for it. Those looking to save even more money would do best to wait. According to DealNews, the longer you can wait for a new Mac, the more you´ll be able to save.

On the other hand, there are those who prefer to buy directly from Apple. This method of purchase has it´s perks: You´ll be able to custom build your new Mac, ensuring that the money you spend will earn you the exact machine you want. After all, if you´re going to have your hands on if for the next 5 years or so, shouldn´t it be the exact one you want? Secondly, purchasing from Apple, especially the retail stores, gives you the satisfaction of being able to walk out of the store with your head held high as you carry that pristine white box to your car or house. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing there were no middle-men in your transaction, should something go awry. Something to consider, should you be looking for your next Mac fix.