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Penclic Mouse[TM]- A Smart Computer Mouse for a Smart Computer User

July 4, 2012

STOCKHOLM, July 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Think about all that has happened since the 80′s. Telephones are now mobile, music is
digital and the Internet is taken for granted. Most products have been refined, improved
and extensively developed over the years. The humble computer mouse has not been lucky
enough to have had the same treatment, until now!

The Penclic Mouse [http://www.penclic.se/penclic-mus/penclic-mouse/?lang=en ] is here.

Penclic Mouse[TM]- Faster and better with a sleek design.

Penclic [http://www.penclic.se/?lang=en ] takes the computer mouse to the next level.
Penclic combine innovative Swedish design and cutting edge technology into their mouses,
giving an amazing new user experience.

The Penclic Mouse enables the extension of our body movements and harnesses the
natural power and dexterity in our fingers and hands. This creates a healthy and natural
working position. Endless clicking and unnecessary cursor movements are a thing of the
past whilst using the streamlined and efficient Penclic Mouse. Penclic’s innovative pen
grip counteracts the health problems, like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), obtained from
using a traditional computer mouse.

The end result is a stylish, ergonomic and highly practical mouse which can be
utilised by all people in demanding professions, or by everyday users at home. You will be
positively surprised by the amazing user experience provided by the Penclic Mouse.

Exact results in less time.

The Penclic Mouse looks, feels and moves like a pen. The smooth pen-grip provides a
cursor experience like no other. Penclic Mouse is so responsive and intuitive that it
almost feels like the mouse itself predicts where you are planning to move the cursor.
Penclic Mouse will allow users to be more exact and precise which leads to better results
in less time.

Create a perfect working position.

Penclic Mouse creates a relaxed and natural working position. It allows your forearm
to rest on the work surface which contributes to less pain. The cursor can be moved all
over the computer screen quickly and effectively. The Penclic Mouse allows the user to
work in front of and beside the computer. This combined with the comfortable pen grip
reduces the risk of RSI from occurring.

Why Penclic Mouse[TM]?

High precision – You are more precise

Smart ergonomic design – Counteracts pain

Fast and effective – You get more done in a shorter time

Easy – An enjoyable mouse experience

About us

Penclic AB is a Swedish company that combines latest technology with sleek, ergonomic
design. Our products make your work by the computer more functional and more efficient. We
always aim for durability, quality and care. This way you can get accessories that are as
smart and innovative as yourself.

PenclicAB, Sweden, Phone +46-8-544-98-995, contact@penclic.se,



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