iPhone On Fire?
July 5, 2012

iPhone On Fire – True Or False?

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

Is that a flaming iPhone in your back pocket or do I need to walk by again?

I´m sure I don´t need to tell you how much the headlines love Apple.

Even on a somewhat busy news day, an Apple-themed headline always seems right at home even in the most respectable of publications.

In fact, the story in question only needs to vaguely be about Apple, or something in Apple´s sphere. If one of Apple´s partners changes an aspect of their business, suddenly Apple has a new TV on the way.

It´s one of the easiest ways to get clicks for your website. Just dream up a headline like “Apple iPhone 4S explodes in man´s pocket” and you´ve got yourself a hit.

When this phenomenon cross breeds with the Internet hoax phenomenon, well then, you´ve really got something.

As the story goes, a 17-year old Finnish boy was carrying his iPhone 4S in his back pocket, as one does.

Suddenly, it started puffing like a smoke bomb, emitting thick clouds from his jeans.

As luck would have it, there´s also a video. There just happened to be some security cameras nearby when the flames erupted.

Of course, we can´t really see anything, just a person stepping out of a van, some smoke coming from the pants-region, and said person throwing a smoking object from their pants to the ground. The most intense smoking seems to die down as soon as whatever it is, is out of the pocket and only appears to simmer once it´s only the ground. Another person approaches the object and tries to pick it up.

Now, this part I believe. The two human people in the video look to be male, in my opinion. However, I am almost positive the second human person in the video, the one who tries to pick up the smoking object is male. This action, this “hey something just caught fire, let me touch it,” is something so intrinsically masculine, it´s practically a tell.

But the rest of the video, I´m doubtful about.

According to Mashable, the person responsible for uploading the video has said the video is “several months old,” though Henri Helminen, the 17-year old at the center of this alleged flaming hot iPhone, said the iPhone is only 3 months old.

Either way, though it´s hard to tell, the time stamp on the security camera sure does look like it reads 2012/02/07 to me, or July 2, 2012, the day the video was uploaded.

Now, these sort of things have happened before. Apple has even issued recalls on their iPod Nano after several people had reported their Nano got so hot, they began to burn and melt.

One time, an iPhone 4 was said to be glowing red and emitting smoke on an Australian airplane, though it was later discovered the owner of the iPhone 4 had taken their device to be serviced by a non-authorized third-party.

These are terribly unfortunate situations, and shouldn't be taken lightly. But this? Well, it´s almost certainly fake. I don´t think any smartphone has enough power to put out as much smoke as this thing did, only to immediately quell once it hit the ground.

Fake or no, it certainly won´t stop many news sites from posting stories about it, accruing the video more than 151,000 views and igniting another Android versus Apple flame war (see what I did there?) in the comments section.

And so goes another day on the Net.