Valdata Systems Attacks Human Error in Manufacturing

July 10, 2012

Chemical Management System implements policing of manufacturing activities to help eliminate human error on the shop floor

Fairfield, NJ (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Studies have shown that human error accounts for up to 90% of drug manufacturing quality errors.* The impact of these errors is staggering: product recalls, investigations, and loss of consumer confidence to name a few.

Valdata Systems has incorporated a sophisticated method of policing everything that impacts product — from inventory through QA to manufacturing. Nothing can touch product without being verified through the system.

The Manufacturing Execution portion of the system is a key vehicle used by companies to prevent manufacturing errors. Batch sheets are presented electronically and only to the employees authorized by a supervisor to view them. Prior to weighing a raw material, that raw material must be scanned and is verified for accurateness, quality status and availability. Once the ingredient is verified, it must be weighed on a scale connected to the system. The system verifies the amount that is dispensed and updates all systems — including inventory — in real time.

Should an employee scan the wrong material — the system will not allow them to proceed to dispensing.

Should an overpour occur — the system will not allow the batch to proceed until the overpour is dealt with by a supervisor.

Should an underpour occur — the system will not allow the batch to be marked as complete until the required amount is dispensed.

One of Valdata Systems customers had this to say: ” “¦ the raw materials are identified by reading a bar code, lots are verified the same way, precise amounts dispensed are recorded through the PC link to the scale and it is all ‘real time’.”    Gerry Ferrara, Kerry

Valdata´s CMS (Chemical Management System) tracks every container, recipe and batch in real time. It monitors who is logged into the system, what they worked on and the results of that work. It prompts and polices employees through the manufacturing process and stops errors before they happen.

About Valdata Systems

Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Valdata Systems is a premier provider of Chemical Management solutions specifically targeting the Pharmaceutical, Flavor & Fragrance, Nutraceutical and Chemical Manufacturing industries.

For more information on Chemical Management Systems, Inventory Control Systems, Recipe Manager and other products provided by Valdata Systems please visit: http://www.valdatasystems.com

  • QMN Weekly Bulletin, Vol. 4 No. 12, March 23, 2012.

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