July 12, 2012

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Wants His Money Back

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

The Finnish/German man who changed his name to a web prefix, started a popular filesharing site and then took the profits to create an elaborately lavish lifestyle for himself (mansions, pink cars, rap videos) says he´ll come to America peacefully to be tried if we just give him his money back.

Yesterday, a New Zealand judge postponed a hearing which was set to start next month in order to tidy up a few more legal loose ends. Now, Mr. Dotcom won´t go to court until March 2013.

Not happy with the way his case is progressing, Mr. Dotcom has taken to taunting the U.S. authorities who want to charge him on American soil for charges such as copyright theft, money laundering and racketeering. In an interview with the Guardian, Dotcom has said he is in a “fighting mood,” and ready to battle against a "case built on malicious conduct.”

Taking to Twitter - the best place for good legal smack-talk - Dotcom  said, "Hey DOJ, we will go to the U.S. No need for extradition. We want bail, funds unfrozen for lawyers and living expenses."

Dotcom told the Guardian he was quite serious about his proposition, though he doesn´t expect the government to take him up on his offer.

"Considering the way the U.S. government has conducted their case and the way I was treated, I never expect to get a fair trial in the United States," he said.

"We are not expecting to hear back regarding the offer and I remain committed to fighting extradition in New Zealand."

The filesharing business was good to, earning him a reported $175 million which facilitated his playboy lifestyle. An international playboy can´t travel alone, however. As such, Mr.Com has 22 international lawyers working on his case, racking up quite the legal bill. Dotcom says all this waiting is particularly draining on his resources, which may hinder his ability to defend himself.

They are sitting on all my money. I have no money to pay my lawyers. Every move they make, they know I have to send my lawyers there. They make it so I have no chance in the long run to defend myself. Lawyers need money too,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

"I have accumulated millions of dollars in legal bills and I haven't been able to pay a single cent. They just want to hang me out to dry and wait until there is no support left."

So what does an internet tycoon do to keep himself busy while he waits for his legal affairs to be settled? Prepare the release of his first record, with Black Eyed Pea producer Printz Board at the helm, of course!

His first single, entitled “Mr. President,” targets none other than Barak Obama over the raid of Dotcom´s mansion by U.S. authorities. A raid which, according to a recent ruling, may have been illegal.

Dotcom hopes to bill himself as an Internet Freedom Fighter-turned poet with lyrics like these:

"We must oppose/those who chose/to turn innovation into crime."