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ScanLife Trending Shows Mobile-Barcode Scans Surpassed 16 Million in Q2, a 35-Percent Growth from Q1 Globally

July 12, 2012

NEW YORK, July 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

             ScanLife, the leading provider of platform solutions for mobile
             barcodes, indicates continued strong quarterly growth, with
             second-quarter mobile-barcode scans surpassing 16 million,
             representing a 35-percent increase from the first quarter of
    What:    2012.

             The ScanLife app has surpassed 20 million downloads, with June
             producing the highest-ever number of scans for a single month.
             ScanLife also saw its first-ever customer campaign to register
             more than one million scans from a QR Code, taking just over six
             weeks to reach the milestone and tripling the previous single-
             campaign record. The campaign provided consumers with branded
             content, demonstrating that offer- or coupon-based QR Code
    Why:     campaigns are not required to drive strong consumer engagement.

             "This rate of growth in scans and downloads reflects a technology
             that has clearly moved beyond the early?adopter stage and has gone
             mainstream," said Mike Wehrs, CEO and president of Scanbuy. "It
             also reinforces findings from industry analysts such as
             Econsultancy that QR Codes are a more popular tool to engage
             consumers than mobile email, SMS and location."

    How:     The data in this document was pulled from the ScanLife Reporting
             Platform, and it represents a broad look at the entire market. The
             2D barcode scanning traffic, like QR Codes, may come from either
             the ScanLife app or third-party apps.

             ScanLife is the global leader in developing solutions that power
             the connection between the physical and digital world. The
             ScanLife suite of mobile barcode products consists of an
             interoperable Code Management Platform, a universal barcode reader
             app with millions of users, and developer tools that can be
    About:   accessed to build customized solutions.

             ScanLife processes millions of 1D (UPC) and 2D scans from over 125
             different countries and is headquartered in New York City with
             local offices throughout North America, Europe, LATAM and China.
             Scanbuy has the largest and oldest patent portfolio of any company
             in the industry, with over 50 patents granted covering the entire
             solution. The company's investors include Motorola Solutions
             Ventures, Motorola Mobility Ventures, Hudson Ventures, and
             Masthead Venture Partners.

    Contact: For more information, please contact Daniel Rhodes or Tiffany Trias
             of Global Results Communications at (949) 608-0276 or

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