Miniature Quad-Core Computer For Under $130
July 16, 2012

Miniature Quad-Core Computer For Under $130

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

A Korean hardware manufacturer has revealed a new, high-end computer board that includes a quad-core CPU and costs less than $130, offering enthusiasts some potent processing power for a reasonable price.

According to Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat, the Odroid-X board, which was recently launched by a firm known as Hardkernel, measures 3.5 inches by 3.7 inches and has a Samsung-made Exynos quad-core ARM-based central processing unit.

The $129 Odroid-X CPU will operate at 1.4Ghz, and it will come with 1GB of RAM, a Mali-400 GPU, six USB ports, an Ethernet port, an SD card slot, micro HDMI, and microphone/headphone jacks, SlashGear's Ben Kersey reported.

Kersey also said that the processor is compatible with Android which can also be used with the Ubuntu OS, and added that it was a "very compact solution" which could be "an interesting option for resellers hoping to sell a cheap yet powerful media player or mini Android computer."

The Odroid-X comes on the heels of February's launch of the credit card sized single-board Raspberry Pi computer, which was "launched with intention of motivating the education of basic computer science in schools," according to Phalgun of The Droid Guy.

The Raspberry Pi, which was the brainchild of UK developers, has a 700 MHz ARM1176JZF-S processor and 256 megabytes of RAM, uses an SD card for internal storage, and costs a paltry $35. So how does it stack up to its recently released competitor?

"With four times as much RAM as the Raspberry Pi and a much more powerful processor, the Hardkernel board seems like a nice option for more computationally-intensive usage scenarios," ArsTechnica editor Ryan Paul explained on Friday.

"Of course, users can expect to pay more for the higher specs of Hardkernel board," Paul said. However, as Phalgun countered, "good things come at a price and you get what you pay for. Yes, there is a big price difference compared to Raspberry Pi´s $35 price tag, but Odroid-X offers so much more."