Apple Mountain Lion Pegged For July 25th Release?
July 16, 2012

Apple Mountain Lion Pegged For July 25th Release?

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

There are many who try to “figure out” Apple, predicting what they will do next based on launch history. Sometimes this kind of reasoning works. For example, Apple will usually update their MacBook Pros twice a year. Up until last year, Apple has also updated their iPod line in September.

Of course, this desire to find rhyme or reason to Apple´s actions can often be futile. Whom of us doesn´t remember feeling a little let down when Apple gave June a miss last year and launched the iPhone 4S in October? They´ve also chosen to release new iPads on an annual basis every March, though this could likely change, especially if the rumors about an iPad Mini launch end up being true.

Last year, the Mac maker released Lion to the world one day after their third quarter earnings call.

So, when Apple announced this year´s third quarter earnings call would take place on July 24th, many assumed Mountain Lion would be launched the very next day, July 25th. Though Apple announced Mountain Lion earlier this year, they only said it would be available in “July” during this year´s WWDC.

Keeping in line with these July 25th Mountain Lion rumors, is reporting Apple retail stores have planned “overnights” for Tuesday, the 24th, giving retail stores the opportunity to prepare for the launch.

Like Lion, Mountain Lion won´t be available on physical media when it launches. As such, these overnights are expected to be relatively minor. The 9to5Mac report says these overnights will likely involve a few employees installing Mountain Lion on the display models.

Tuesday overnights aren´t all that uncommon for Apple retail. However, if all other rumors prove true, this date keeps in line with the predicted launch.

Apple usually waits until the last minute to launch new products and software, and with July quickly coming to an end in just 2 weeks, the window in which they will launch Mountain Lion is getting narrower by the day. A July 25th release puts them right at the end of their promised release date.

Mountain Lion´s development has been right on schedule as well. Last week, Apple released the Gold Master to developers for final testing. While developers are still able to send in bug reports for Gold Masters, these versions are often the final product which will ship to consumers.

With all of these things combined – the earnings call, the overnights and the imminent end of the month - Apple may have just created a new pattern in launching their operating systems.

As a reminder, Mountain Lion acts as a great unifier between iOS devices and OS X devices, bringing many iPad and iPhone functionalities to the Mac.  For instance, Messages and Notification Center will finally arrive on the Mac. iCloud and will also get a shot in the arm as it puts documents in the cloud and allows developers to write functionality into their apps.

Whenever it launches, July 25th or otherwise, Mountain Lion will be available exclusively on the Mac App Store for a very affordable $19.99.