iOS 6 Beta 3 Shipped Out To Hungry Apple Developers
July 17, 2012

iOS 6 Beta 3 Shipped Out To Hungry Apple Developers

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Keeping ever on track, Apple released the latest iOS 6 beta (beta 3) to developers yesterday, coming 3 weeks after their last developer build. iOS is Apple´s mobile operating system for their post-pc devices and is often launched with new iPhones, which is expected this fall. Apple´s new Maps app (their first time without Google) will be released with iOS 6 and as such, these developer builds have been a chance to get a peek at the new, tightly integrated app.

According to, iOS 6 beta 3 adds a few changes, including a volume option in the Maps settings. iOS 6 beta 3 also introduces FaceTime over cellular networks. Until now, it had been available only on a Wi-Fi network. When one user attempted to test out the feature in iOS 6 beta 3, they received an error message which implies AT&T could charge for FaceTime over cellular.

For those keeping score at home, this version of iOS 6 beta is called Build 10A5355d and is available now for any developer who has yet to jump on it.

Apple made waves this year when they announced they were kicking Google out of the Maps house and running the app on their own. Google answered in kind, rushing a press event a week before Apple´s keynote to brag about their new Google Maps features, some of which are exclusive to Android.

Apple had been rumored to build their own Maps technology for years. Until now, they had relied on Google for their back-end mapping information. As a part of this developer beta, the Maps app has been given a few extra settings, such as Navigation Voice Volume. In settings, users can choose how loudly Siri gives them directions, from low to normal to loud. The Maps app will also display distance in either Miles or Kilometers, as well as give you the option to always display maps in English or in the local language, should you be traveling abroad.

As discovered by yesterday´s beta release, Apple´s new Maps app will also display traffic accidents and roadwork. The much touted 3D flyover coverage has also been greatly improved in this beta as many more cities have been included. The iPad version of iMessages in iOS 6 beta 3 also gives users the option to add phone numbers for contacts. Currently, an email address is needed for the Apple-only messaging service.

Finally, the forum has pointed out that AT&T may plan to charge for FaceTime over 3G. A user received an error message very similar to the one issued when AT&T customers attempt to enable data tethering.

Apple announced the ability to conduct FaceTime calls over cellular networks at this year´s WWDC keynote, saying the carriers would have final say if this feature would be available to their customers. The carriers have, thus far, been quiet concerning this new feature.

As iOS 6 is still in beta, this error message could either be a sign of things to come or simply a placeholder preventing the use of FaceTime over 3G until it´s available for everyone.

When asked about this error message, AT&T issued this report to MacRumors: “We're working closely with Apple on the new developer build of iOS 6 and we'll share more information with our customers as it becomes available.”

Apple will launch iOS 6 sometime “this fall,” presumably the same week the new iPhone launches.