As Consumers Fear Power Bill Hike from Carbon Tax, Everest Electrical Enhances Services to Help Public Save on Energy Costs

July 17, 2012

As Consumers Fear Power Bill Hike from Carbon Tax, Everest Electrical Enhances Services to Help Public Save on Energy Costs

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) July 17, 2012

Australia is currently making global headlines with the launching of the carbon tax as the centre of the government´s sweeping policies to fight against climate change. Described as “the most comprehensive carbon price scheme outside Europe,” electrical bills will now include a fee for every tonne of carbon emission released. With the expected increase in electrical bills, leading electrician contractor Everest Electrical Services announces how they can help consumers reduce energy costs all year round.

Recent reports about the carbon tax say the government expects the pricing regime to raise consumer awareness on efficient energy use and to popularise cleaner forms of energy. Ideally, income generated from the carbon tax will be passed on to household consumers, businesses and industries in the form of incentives that will encourage alternative and more efficient energy use. For political observers, this is a grand plan for a nation that has relied on coal-powered electricity for so long that it is currently declared as the highest emitter of carbon per capita in the developed world.

“Energy efficiency has always been the centrepiece of Everest Electrical´s principles, long before the carbon tax controversy,” the company representative says. “The Treasury says that with carbon tax, consumer prices will only raise to 0.7 per cent and that there are now compensation packages being put in place to cushion the price impact. However, the public will still need all the help they can get to cut down electrical costs.”

In view of the carbon tax implementation, the company announces that they have boosted their energy solutions for household consumers, businesses and industries to help avoid skyrocketing energy bills. “With our range of services that promote efficient energy use, you are assured of lowered electric costs and be a responsible consumer,” he says.

A professionally certified domestic electrician can inspect residential properties for general maintenance and repairs. Everest Electrical representatives can take a look at all major energy fixtures as well as minor appliances in the home to audit average energy consumption. With this information, the homeowner can determine if there are items or usage behaviour that result in energy waste, and thus make the appropriate changes in consultation with the professional electrician.

Similarly, with the help of a reliable electrician, Sydney business owners and commercial venue titleholders in Australia can analyse heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, industrial equipment and electrical wiring for power use as well as safety inspection. With a highly skilled electrician, Northern Beaches entrepreneurs and organisations in other business hubs can undertake recommended repairs and upgrades, such as replacing existing light fixtures with energy-saving units or installing a more efficient switchboard system.

“Everest Electrical guarantees all technicians are highly skilled and nationally certified, who use only the highest quality materials and equipment for every job,” the company representative says. “For this brand of high quality service, we provide transparent, up front pricing – no hidden fees, no surprise expenses.”

Most importantly, clients enjoy a lifetime guarantee of workmanship provided by Everest Electrical Services. “Today, there´s the carbon tax. Tomorrow, another well-intentioned policy may again divide public opinion. Throughout all these changes, you can be rest assured that Everest Electrical will remain a stable and consistent support system as we continue to provide solutions for safe and efficient electrical power use.”

Everest Electrical Services offers 12 years of industry experience of electricity-based systems installation and maintenance. Based in Northern Beaches, Sydney, their licensed electricians provide services throughout the Sydney CBD and metropolitan area to a broad range of tradespeople, multiple businesses and homeowners.

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