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TZO Turbo Charges Hosted Cloud Services

July 18, 2012

PEPPERELL, Mass., July 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Today TZO announces their new “Cloud Tracker” service. Cloud Tracker will turn on the Turbo Charger for any of your Hosted Cloud Services.

Many cloud providers deliver their “Cloud Services” not with a conventional static IP addresses but with an unwieldy CNAME definition. For example, in the case of Amazon EC2 services, you may end up with a CNAME that looks like this:


A CNAME implementation can delay standard DNS look-up times by more than 100%. This could be especially detrimental where website performance and customer experience is paramount, such as in Internet Retail. Now with TZO’s Cloud Tracker, your CNAMEs can be fully optimized.

TZO’s Cloud Tracker initiates a monitor agent which runs at an interval and returns the appropriate IP address and stores it locally. When a DNS request comes in for the Cloud Service CNAME, TZO immediately returns the locally cached IP address without the need to make any additional DNS lookups, cutting the response times drastically. The frequency of the monitoring agent will assure that IP address updates are captured properly.

“With Cloud Tracker enabled, we’ve seen DNS look-up times for Cloud Services and CNAMEs greatly reduced. In some cases, from 700+ms to sub 40ms response times. When developers are building a Web presence based on speed, customer experience and overall satisfaction, that’s a huge optimization,” says Christopher Cook, VP of Sales and Marketing at TZO. “This isn’t your Daddy’s DNS, and it’s certainly not GoDaddy’s DNS. This is part of TZO’s Advanced Name Services. Your Daddy’s DNS was never designed for any of these advanced capabilities, such as Global Traffic Management, Cloud Optimization and potential DDOS mitigation capabilities,” says Cook.

TZO’s Advanced Name Services include: TZO-HA AutoFailover, Intelligent Load Balancing and TZO-Geo Geographic Load Balancing, as well as TZO’s newly released Cloud Tracker and Virtual Traffic Manager (VTM). We at TZO agree that original Bind-based DNS implementations were never designed to handle any of these advanced services. TZO’s proprietary DNS implementation was designed specifically for high speed and high resiliency, making it a perfect fit for high-availability environments.

About TZO:

TZOlkin Corporation is a privately held company, incorporated in 1996, and has been a pioneer in the Managed DNS Service industry for 15 years. First to productize AutoMatic DNS Failover in 2000 and first to deliver GEOgraphically aware DNS as a service in 2008, TZOlkin is known for its world-renowned reliable dynamic DNS services and has 70,000 customers in 73 countries worldwide. TZO-HA’s AutoFailover and DNS Load Balancing, www.TZOHA.com offers a low-cost solution for high availability. For more information, please email marcom@tzoha.com.

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