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Are your children safe during summer vacation while you are at work? New HelppWatch program offers solutions.

July 18, 2012

PETERBOROUGH, ON, July 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Crime Solutions LLC, a leading
innovative online safety and crime prevention company, with offices in
the USA, and Canada recently launched a new program that is designed to
meet the needs of today’s busy working parents. The HelppWatch After-School Kids program, “ASK“, harmonizes innovation with traditional safety processes and
methodologies that will provide peace of mind for the parents and can
boost the child’s confidence and promote independence and

“We’re excited about the debut of the HelppWatch After-School Kids
program,” says President James Rea, who has more than 25 years of
experience in risk management and investigations. “We’re confident that
it will have a profound impact on after-school and summer vacation
safety for children.”

The premise behind HelppWatch ASK is simple. Using a web-based
interface, parents can set times in which their child will be called by
HelppWatch ASK automated calling system at home to assure they are
safe. The system will immediately contact the parents or a designated
Helppwatch responder if the call is not answered or the child answered
the wrong security question. In addition to the ASK calling system,
children and parents are provided a simple easy to use on line
dashboard that provides both parents and children with a comprehensive
suite of services such as: Schedule call times, parents and relatives
contact information, emergency numbers, child agenda, task & chores,
emergency and safety procedures, educational safety resources,
anonymous incident reporting for school issues just to mention a few.

The HelppWatch dashboards are one of the main features of the ASK program which allows parents to
create, manage, document and track their child’s home alone security
and safety program in a central location or utilize our professional on
line resources developed by experienced personnel. This will provide
parents with a visual demonstration of their commitment to their
child’s security and safety for less than 50 cents a day.

“With so many single-parent households and households in which both
parents work long hours, it’s becoming more common than ever for kids
to be home alone after school and during the summer vacation,” says one
HelppWatch employee. “Instead of phoning home constantly and disrupting
their day, parents can use HelppWatch ASK to assure their children that
they are monitored. This will build confidence with their children
knowing that their parents have taken protective measures to assure
their safety.”

“We’re certain that families around the country will appreciate the
peace of mind that they enjoy from HelppWatch ASK,” says the employee.
“It’s an excellent way for working parents to protect their loved

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