Samsung To Make Mystery Announcement On August 15th
July 21, 2012

Samsung To Make Mystery Announcement On August 15th

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Samsung has given us all a little something to think about this weekend. They´ve just sent out a “save-the-date” email wherein they promise to hold an “exclusive” press conference. The entire, brief email reads thusly:


August 15, 2012
10:00AM EST

Please join Samsung Electronics America for a major announcement and unveiling of the newest GALAXY device. An exclusive press conference will take place where full details will be disclosed.”


Naturally, the ears of every tech blogger, journalist and pundit have been perked up by this announcement.

The gang at have wisely pointed out that the invitation is from Samsung Electronics America, and not Samsung Telecommunications America, almost certainly ruling out a new phone. This, of course, makes a heap of sense, as they´ve just recently shipped the Galaxy S III, which appears to be going like gangbusters.

As for 9 to 5 Google, they´re wagering a guess on a new, Android based digital camera, creating a separate device which uses the same software on many smartphones and tablets. After all, without all those radios, it stands to reason a company could pack a pretty decent camera in a shell the size of a smartphone. While 9 to 5 Google hopes for the camera, they reluctantly assume Samsung will release a Tablet or a TV.

Looking towards, they seem to expect a new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to be announced on August 15th. First shown off at Mobile World Congress in February, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the much bigger brother (or sister) of the 5-inch slab of the same name which found its popularity thanks to a well-placed Super Bowl ad. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 could also be a way Samsung keeps the 10.1 tablet size without angering the Cupertino Kid, as they did with the Galaxy Tab 10.1. As you may remember, the Tab 10.1 has been banned in a few countries already, most recently the United States. That ban has since been overturned. For now.

Other websites, such as The Verge and also predict Samsung will be ready to unveil the Note 10.1, if not the recently rumored Galaxy Note 2. Should these rumors pan out, Samsung could be showing a fascination with size, bumping the 5.3-inch “phablet” to a 5.5-inch screen. A modest increase, but not an unnoticeable one for sure.

The Rumored Galaxy Note 2 is also expected to have one of those new Samsung Quad 4 Exynos processors (of the 1.6 GHz variety) found in the International versions of the Galaxy S III. For now, the Note 2 is rumored to be running a previous version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.0.4. If and when it ships, however, it could be running Google´s new confection, Jelly Bean.

Now, all we have to do is wait until August 15th to see what Samsung has up their sleeve. Hopefully it´s something more exciting than another television.