Microsoft Demos Office for Windows Phone 8
July 22, 2012

Microsoft Demos Office For Windows Phone 8

Derek Walter for - Your Universe Online

Microsoft gave a preview of how Office will look on the forthcoming Windows Phone 8 devices this week.

On the company´s Office Next blog, Microsoft detailed the many ways that the next version of Office will be connected to its SkyDrive service.

The post, by Microsoft´s Gray Knowlton, said that Office 2013 will allow users to pick up work from the exact spot where they left off on another device. For example, writing in Word could resume from the same paragraph, and a PowerPoint presentation can be edited from the same slide one was using previously.

Knowlton said in the post: “These features extend to your mobile device as well. For example, your Windows Phone will show your recent files for one-touch access while you are on the go.”

It is unclear if the continue-from-the-same-spot kind of capability will be available from a Windows Phone, but it is clear that Microsoft is eyeing a connected experience for Office users across Windows 8 phones and tablets.

At its Windows Phone summit earlier this year, company representatives demoed Windows Phone 8 users working on Office files on their computer and then finalizing the projects from their mobile devices.

Whatever final form the changes make, users will probably be able to get their hands on them later this year. Recent rumors around the web have indicated that Windows Phone 8 will ship sometime in November.

Along with Windows Phone, the blog post detailed that Office will have several touch-friendly elements, making productivity available in touch-friendly browsers and other devices. It is a hint there could be some kind of functionality available outside of the Windows 8 hardware ecosystem.