July 23, 2012

New iPhone To Launch On September 21?

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

The iPhone rumors, they´re flying fast and furious today.

First, we got a “confirmation” more or less about that debate-inducing 19-pin connector, much to the chagrin of some owners and the delight of many a third-party accessory makers. Then, we heard Papa Apple will make everything right by offering all those angry customers who just dropped some serious dough on an expensive third-party dock an extra adapter to make the 19-pin compatible with the 9-year old 30-pin.

Now, a French website by the name of has gone out on a rather shaky limb by saying they´ve “confirmed” the next iPhone will be released on“¦are you ready?

September 21.

Citing the familiar Chinese sources, also throws their hat into the 19-pin connector racket in addition to the relocated headphone jack rumor.

The French website also says the new iPhone will be released simultaneously in China, parts of Europe (France, for one) and the U.S. Rounding out the new French rumors, the site says the new iPhone will also have a longer, only slightly larger screen, more to the tune of 3.75 inches as opposed to the 3.999 inches we´ve been hearing.

Though they´ve taken two pretty big leaps in the speculation game–the date and a smaller screen size than anyone has yet to predict– they do say their sources are still unsure on the whole 4G and NFC noise that´s been increasing in recent weeks.

British site The Register further adds to the iPhone rumor game today, not only mentioning the French rumor, but also noting a small survey conducted by Apple analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray which suggests people actually prefer a smaller screen over a larger option found on, say, the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx with its 4.3-inch screen. Showing 400 people drawings of the iPhone 4S and then drawings of the Droid Maxx, a “majority” of people said they´d take the 3.5-inch iPhone screen over the Motorola Monstrosity. This survey seems to fly in the face of the latest Android game of “Whose Screen Is Bigger,” but these 400 people have spoken.

Not yet satisfied, Munster then asked these people if they were going to buy a new iPhone when it´s released. Again, the majority of people said they would, leading Munster to conclude that Apple has 80 million new iPhone sales “in the bag.”

A CNN Money report seems to back up Munster´s claims, as 17% of 4,042 American Consumers said they were “very likely” to buy a new “iPhone 5” whenever it is released, a number the surveyors are calling “unprecedented.”

The survey, conducted by ChangeWave also mentions that Samsung´s Galaxy S III is also seeing increased demand as they´ve just sold their 10 millionth unit.

So, did get it right? I suppose only time will tell. Their rumor does fly against many other rumors, most notably the Verizon executive slip up where in Frank Shammo mentioned on an earnings call that the “rumor mill” is waiting for a phone to be released in the third quarter.