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Tigerspike’s Quantum Resistant Encryption to Revolutionize Mobile Security

July 24, 2012

NEW YORK, July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Tigerspike’s new quantum resistant mobile encryption technology, Karacell – patent pending in 144 countries around the world – is set to bring mobile security into a new level and transform how organizations and individuals keep their data safe on personal technology devices.

Two major issues threatening today’s encryption standards demand a new horizon in mobile security. The first is the move of communication and information to smaller and smaller devices such as medical implants. Limited battery life poses great restrictions on the strength of current encryption methods or prevents them being used at all. The second is that the rapid development of so-called “quantum computers” will reduce the level of security and protection the current AES and RSA standard encryption methodologies provide.

The implications of reducing the ability to protect information over the Internet and on storage systems could be catastrophic to organizations and individuals. Government communications, credit card details, medical records will all be accessible to “hackers,” and medical implants and small devices will be unprotected.

“Security, speed and low power requirements are at the forefront of companies’ minds when it comes to enterprise mobile solutions. We see encryption as a key technology. AES and RSA are starting to show cracks and with the advent of quantum computing, current solutions have their days numbered and can’t even be used on limited battery life devices. So we designed a quantum resistant encryption method that addresses the key issues of security, speed and low power and is able to be used on any device, even medical implants, and we are confident it is future proof,” said Dr. Stuart Christmas who is leading the project.

Karacell ensures that data is secure regardless of whether it is stored in the cloud, on your iPad or on your phone. It is also designed specifically for parallel processing, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in all devices, from mobile phones to home computers. This means that Karacell can grow with advancements in technology, making it truly future-proofed both in terms of speed and strength.

“Phoenix (Tigerspike’s enterprise-class content delivery platform) is already being used by Fortune 500 companies across the world, and with Karacell, security will be a key point of difference for Phoenix over other enterprise mobile platforms that use current industry standard encryption. This and other technologies we are working on will give companies extra confidence that they can use Phoenix to transform their businesses for many years into the future,” said Luke Janssen, CEO of the Tigerspike Group.

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