Can We Expect New iPods Expected In September?
July 24, 2012

Can We Expect New iPods Expected In September?

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Ever since their respective inceptions, the iPod Touch has always been like the slightly younger brother to the iPhone. A “me too” device of sorts, where the iPhone goes, so too does the iPod Touch, getting into the same kind of trouble together as they go. Just months after the iPhone first hit the scene, the iPod Touch made its first appearance.

From that day on, the two have always been close, often causing many to wonder why they should buy the more expensive iPhone if the cheaper iPod Touch can nearly match the iPhone task to task in functionality. When the iPhone had grown into its Retina Display and FaceTime camera, so too did the iPod Touch, without adding any inches to its slim aluminum frame.

So, count it as no surprise, then, when on the heels of these numerous iPhone rumors, we´re also beginning to hear talk of a newly redesigned iPod Touch.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (who also correctly predicted the death of the 17-inch MacBook Pro) has released a report today in which he details Apple´s release plans for the much-discussed September-October time frame.

To get things started, Kuo says Apple will release “all-new” iPod Touch and even iPod Nano models. Kuo doesn´t list many details about these two iPods, but, just like its older brother, the new iPod Touch is expected to take advantage of that new in-cell technology, making the already impossibly thin device even thinner.

Though his report is scant of any iPod Nano details, Kuo obviously thinks very highly of this device, saying any quarter-over-quarter growth in iPod sales will come courtesy of the new Nano rather than the new Touch. According to Kuo, the new Touch might be hard to come by, due to some constrained in-cell technology supplies.

Yesterday, Macotakara also made claims that Apple will be showing the iPod Touch some love come this fall, saying the next generation will also feature the taller, 4-ish-inch display of its older sibling, and though Apple gave the iPod Touch a miss last year, leaving it behind in the A4 days, Macotakara says the next generation will finally be graced with the A5 processor found in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Also borrowing from the iPad, Macotakara said the next iPod Touch will have a buffed aluminum rear-shell, as opposed to the current, mirror-like back. Things get interesting, however, as Macotakara claims the next Touch will have a hole (it looks more like a belly button) punched in the bottom of the back of the device. The report doesn´t say what purpose this belly button hole serves, only that it exists.

Though Kuo´s KGI Security report has no details on the new iPod Nano, Macotakara has made earlier predictions that Apple will once again return to the tall style seen in generations 4 and 5, though the new, rumored Nano is only expected to be 3/4 quarters the height of these older devices and may even feature the home button so common to the other iDevices.

Noticeably absent from these rumors are any mention of the original iPod Classic. Could this be the year Apple finally offs the aging device?

A redesigned iPod Touch makes a lot of sense. Apple has been keeping the “Brothers I” close to one another for years.

A redesigned Nano, on the other hand, would be a curious move for Apple. As it stands, the Nano has seen 5 redesigns since its 2005 introduction. Furthermore, Apple has once before left the long and tall design, only to return in 2008. Would Apple really ditch the small, iPod Shuffle style Nano for the long and tall variant once more?

If Kuo´s report is correct, Apple will launch these new iPods in September and new iPhones in October, making for a busy fall for the Cupertino Crew.