July 24, 2012

Martin Scorsese Meets Siri In New Ad

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

Apple seems to be sticking with their decision to use celebrities to hock iPhones releasing a new Siri ad featuring American actor, film director, producer and screenwriter Marin Scorsese. Mr. Scorsese´s ad is the 4th in an apparent series, following ads from Zooey Deschanel, Samuel Jackson and John Malkovich. In each of these commercials, Siri is featured, used by the celebrities in ways which match with the celebrities assumed personalities.

For instance, Mr. Jackson´s ad depicted the “Pulp Fiction” actor and “Go The F*ck To Sleep” reader cooking dinner for “date night,” asking Siri where he could find organic mushrooms for his risotto. Cutesy musician and “The New Girl” star Zooey Deschanel is seen walking around her apartment in her pajamas on a rainy day, asking the obvious question, “Is it raining?” before asking Siri if any restaurants near her deliver tomato soup. Ms. Deschanel then dances away as Siri plays “Shake, Rattle and Roll,” apparently using Apple´s AirPlay feature. John Malkovich is seen in two Siri ads, and both are stark and dry. In his first ad, Malkovich simply speaks to Siri in one-word bursts, asking her for the weather forecast, evening plans and even a place nearby which serves linguisa. Malkovich ends his conversation by asking Siri, “Joke?”

Siri then starts into her popular “Two iPhones walk into a bar“¦” routine.

In his second ad, Malkovich waxes philosophical with Siri, as she gives her opinion on how life can best be lived. This second Malkovich ad doesn´t really show off any features of Siri. Rather, it simply shows that, when you´re bored, you can try asking Siri all manner of random questions, and she may have an interesting, unique response.

Finally, in Martin Scorsese´s Siri ad, Apple´s Intelligent Personal Assistant is shown off, displaying her scheduling and location abilities, and even her ability to work with the Apple app Find My Friends.

Siri is able to keep up the pace with fast-talking Scorsese, showing him his daily calendar, then moving a few appointments around for him, all while he rides in the back of a New York City Taxi Cab. In the middle of juggling his calendar, Mr. Scorsese thinks he sees “Rick,” then asks Siri “Where is Rick?”

Siri then pulls up the Find My Friends app, showing the director of Taxi Driver where his friend Rick is located on a map. Siri can work with Find My Friends to locate your friends on a map, assuming, of course, your friends also have Find My Friends installed and have accepted an initial request to be tracked.

Mr. Scorsese then asks Siri how the traffic looks headed downtown. Displeased with traffic, Mr. Scorsese directs the cab driver to take another route, all thanks to Apple´s Siri.

According to, an eagle-eyed Reddit user has noticed that the cab number is the same as Travis Bickle´s in Scorsese´s aforementioned Taxi Driver, a very clever “Easter Egg” of sorts.

Apple will, of course, “double down” on Siri in the next few months when iOS 6 is released. Siri will finally make her way to the iPad as well be able to answer even more questions and give directions through Apple´s new Maps app. This Scorsese ad is the first time Siri has been shown off to do things like locate friends and give traffic reports. Though this functionality has always existed in Siri, this is the first time it´s ever been shown off, supposedly as a hint that Siri will become even more useful in the near future.