July 24, 2012

Jobs Monument To Be Erected In Russia

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

A man as legendary as Steve Jobs is due a monument or three. After all, he did revolutionize not only the computer industry, but the music industry as well. No matter how you feel about Steve Jobs, one cannot deny him his accomplishments. Now, some Jobs fans in Russia are preparing to install a monument to him in St. Petersburg.

According to, a private foundation has announced a competition to come up with the best monument to the late Apple co-founder. Not wanting to limit the applicants´ creativity, the private foundation sponsoring the contest has said the monuments can be classical, life size monuments, an electronic installation or even a memory board. They did hint, however, that pieces which include pictures or technical data and schematics will be more likely to win the contest.

A jury of advanced IT specialists will judge the works and narrow the contest to three pieces. From here, the organizers will leave it to an online vote to determine the winner. The contest winner not only gets the opportunity to have their monument installed in St. Petersburg, Russia, they will also be awarded with coveted Apple products.

The contest organizers feel that St. Petersburg is a great place to house a Jobs monument, as it´s often seen as the technological hub of Russia.

The most famous universities are situated here; the Leningrad School of Programming was recognized as one of the best in Russia, VKontakte, which is the only and unique Russian competitor of Facebook, was also founded and is based in St. Petersburg,” explains the organizer´s website, according to

Once the contest organizers choose a winner and settle on the finer details of the monument–concept, material and size–city officials will decide where the monument will be installed.

St. Petersburg isn´t the only Russian city eager to show some love for Steve Jobs. Last month, the city of Novosibirsk announced their plans to raise 600,000 rubles (around $20,000) to erect their own monument in Jobs´ honor by the end of 2012. So far, the city has raised only $2,000 towards their efforts.

We like the ideas that he [Jobs] personifies and his type of personality. That is the type that should build a new Russia,” said project initiator Darya Zhdanova in a statement. Zhdanova said the sculpture would likely be “abstract and philosophical”.”

Elsewhere in Eastern Europe, a bronze statue of Steve Jobs has already been built in Budapest, Hungary. Just months after his death, the Hungarian capital unveiled the monument in gratitude to Jobs´ support of the computer industry.

Apple has, in the past, taken offense to the use of Jobs´ likeness. The main difference here, of course–and it´s a big difference– is that earlier cases involved people selling action figures, iPhone cases, etc with Jobs´ likeness. Take, for instance, the tiny Jobs figurine MIC Gadget began to sell 2 years ago. The figurine, depicting Jobs holding an iPhone mid-demo whilst standing on top of the Apple logo, sold out shortly after it was made available. Then, a law firm representing Apple sent MIC Gadget a cease and desist letter. The figurine later sold for $2,500 on eBay.

Jobs passed away October 5, 2011.