Google Adds Scientific Calculator To Search Results
July 26, 2012

Google Adds Scientific Calculator To Search Results

Derek Walter for - Your Universe Online

Google continues to build up its search engine as a destination rather than simply a portal to other web sites.

The latest example is the scientific calculator the company rolled out this week. While Google search had already performed mathematical calculations, now typing in an equation pulls up a 34-button calculator.

The tool works on both desktop and mobile. I tested it on a Jelly Bean-powered Galaxy Nexus, and it performs quite rapidly once the tool appears. One needs to type out an equation in order to bring up the calculator. In portrait mode it had a standard 20-button format. It then switches to the 34-button scientific calculator when turned to landscape mode. This won´t replace a calculator app for Android yet, as getting the calculator to appear isn´t exactly rapid.

On the desktop, the calculator also works with Google´s Desktop Voice Search. To activate this, click the mic icon and speak the equation. Some long, complex equations would trip up the calculator from time to time, so it is recommended that one speak slowly and loud to get the correct information across.

The scientific calculator is the latest tool as part of Google´s larger Knowledge Graph effort. With the Knowledge Graph, Google added a database of 500 million people, places, and other facts that provide answers to search questions.

This is also designed to take place within Google´s larger ecosystem that includes the Chrome browser, Android mobile OS, Gmail, Play Store, Google Drive and other growing services.