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SohoOS.com Debuts New Soho Shop App Marketplace

July 26, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, July 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — SohoOS.com, the “Operating System” for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) entrepreneurs, today announced the debut of Soho Shop, a unique addition to the SohoOS.com environment that lets SohoOS.com users choose powerful, customized tools for building their SOHO business. As an in-house marketplace, Soho Shop will allow SohoOS.com members, as well as external Web service providers and independent developers, to buy and sell subscription-based services that cover the entire small business spectrum–all fully integrated with the member’s account.

Nearly two-dozen applications are expected to debut at Soho Shop within its first four weeks, with many more to follow. Initial services from the marketplace will include:

  • Personalized data backup designed to significantly enhance security for the user’s business data.
  • Leads Widget, a service that will push relevant and hot business leads directly into the user’s account.
  • Document Sets arranged according to themes covering all business needs, from legal sets to finance.
  • Invoice Themes that extend the free invoicing capability of SohoOS.com with a wide range of designs.
  • myPage Themes, a way to give a makeover to SohoOS.com’s free myPage with pre-designed myPage layouts.

Soho Shop will provide further value to the broad lineup of services that has made SohoOS.com the fastest growing micro-business platform in the United States. Now supporting nearly 850,000 micro-businesses worldwide, SohoOS.com users are entrepreneurs and small business owners who appreciate having a free online system that consolidates all of their business tools into one place, reduces the pain of managing their companies, and connects them with other small businesses.

“With hundreds of thousands of businesses under the SohoOS.com umbrella, it’s important that each one receive the customized services it needs to thrive. Soho Shop gives our users that capability,” said Ron Daniel, CEO of SohoOS.com. “Whether you’re a florist shop needing a more tailored invoicing system, a fine artist looking for an easily accessible yet secure repository for images, or a realtor looking for a rich source of sales leads, Soho Shop will give you the tailored solution you’re looking for.”

Backed by major funding from leading investment capital sources, SohoOS.com offers a complete package of tools for managing a small business, all on one Web site. Accessible from any browser, smartphone or Web-enabled tablet, SohoOS.com has solutions for contact management, invoices and billing, inventory management, freelance and vendor networking, document management and much more, all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Affordable Subscriptions
Soho Shop business apps are designed to integrate and function specifically within SohoOS.com accounts, leveraging the account holder’s existing business data. Subscription fees for Soho Shop apps will range from $2.95-$9.99 per month–well within the typical small business budget.

To learn more about Soho Shop, or to inquire about building and marketing apps within the Soho Shop marketplace, email info@sohoos.com.

About SohoOS:
SohoOS (www.sohoos.com) is a free online business management platform that empowers micro-businesses and freelancers worldwide with the management tools they need to flourish. With a growth rate of over one thousand small businesses joining daily, the site, available from any browser or Web-enabled mobile device, helps growing businesses compete by offering a powerful “Operating System” for their operations. SohoOS’s ultimate goal is to establish a new global micro-economy where growing businesses can interact and collaborate with each other at no cost. Privately funded by Mangrove Capital Partners and Morgenthaler Ventures, SohoOS is based in San Francisco.

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