July 26, 2012

Samsung Sells Twice As Many Phones As Apple

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

Apple held their Q3 earnings call this week, announcing their latest Mac OS, Mountain Lion, and some numbers about units sold in the second quarter, specifically 26 million iPhones.

Today, a report from Juniper Research reveals that Samsung has more than doubled Apple when it comes to their smartphone numbers, shipping 52.1 million units in the same period.

Samsung hasn´t officially announced their own second quarter shipment numbers, of course, but Juniper´s data suggests Samsung is handily beating all other smartphone competitors, including HTC, Sony and RIM.

Earlier this week, Samsung announced that they´ve sold 10 million units of their new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S III, since its May 30th release.

Though Samsung appears to have the lead now, Juniper expects the next iPhone to “narrow the gap” between the two warring smartphone manufacturers.

While the Galaxy S3 has been a phenomenal success, Samsung has leveraged its global brand strength and the popularity of the Android OS to drive sales of smartphones in all price tiers,” the report says.

Apple isn´t the only company falling behind Samsung, either. Nokia, who shipped 10.2 million in the last quarter, has yet to see any real benefit from adopting the Windows Phone platform and, according to the report, is counting on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS to bring a turn around to the struggling Finnish smartphone maker.

No stranger to bad reports, RIM shipped a low 7.4 million smartphones last quarter as they “continue to struggle to cope with the transition to the touchscreen era.”

As reported many times earlier this week, Apple has seen a recent slow down in their iPhone sales as the world stands in wait for the next version of the iconic smartphone, due to release in either September or October, depending on which report you believe.

That Samsung has a hit on their hands is no surprise. Critics and pundits alike have rained praise upon the new S III, proclaiming it as one of the best Android smartphones available today.

The power- and storage-hungry Android user simply cannot go wrong with this purchase, and neither can those looking for a great camera,” writes Sharif Sakr in Engadget´s review.

However, it´s also worth mentioning that we´ve once again slipped into the argument between units shipped and units sold. While it isn´t entirely likely that Samsung shipped more than 26 million phones which have yet to be sold, it is worth mentioning that there could be millions of phones sitting in warehouses and retail back rooms, waiting to be purchased and taken home. Apple´s 26 million represents actual sales, closed deals, phones in hands.

Juniper´s research also points out that, on the whole, the smartphone industry is still in a state of rapid growth. All told, smartphone manufacturers were able to ship 105.2 million devices in the same quarter last year, according to Juniper´s data. This year, the same manufacturers have shipped 132.9 million.

Apple and Samsung are set to head to a U.S. court in California early next week to settle their patent disputes once and for all.