Review: Facebook Recommendation Bar Not Recommended
July 28, 2012

Facebook Recommendation Bar: We Recommend You Don’t Use It

Lee Rannals for - Your Universe Online

Facebook just got a little more savvy Thursday, by launching a new social plug-in that is aimed at sharing news articles.

While some may look at the world's largest social network and see it as a place for LOL-ing and offering up their latest opinion about the Chic-fil-A debate, Mark Zuckerberg sees it as a place of pure intellect.

The new social plug-in allows its users to see what reading is like beyond the status update, by sharing articles that other Facebook friends "Like" and "Share."

Like a kid continually asking his dad for the latest Batman action figure after being told no twice while at Wal-Mart, the Recommendations Bar will relentlessly tempt you to try and share the article with the rest of the Facebook community.

Once an article is liked using the Recommendations Bar, a story is published in your Timeline and then on your Facebook friends' News Feed, thus allowing the Zuckerberg plug-in to know that its insidious tactics worked.

News outlets can benefit from the new application, as Facebook claims that early tests saw that stories recommended through the plug-in saw articles receive three times the click-through.

You may assume that this might bring in more relevant content to a Facebook news feed, but, unless the latest news on the Kardashian sisters is relevant to you, don't get your hopes up.

The early adopting sites so far, other than tech blog site Mashable, are celebrity gossip sites. This means that right-wingers who post about Chic-fil-a being awesome might start offering up a story to help back their claim up, while news articles about what Justin Bieber had for dinner could find their way to your feed.

Websites have already integrated Facebook to their webpages by adding "Like" buttons to their stories, such as the one you can see underneath the headline here on redOrbit. So, this new plug-in is just another way Facebook can make itself pronounced to the world, inhibiting you from ever actually leaving the social network.

The Recommendations Bar is now the 11th plug-in the social network offers. The others include: Like Button, Facepile, Recommendations Box, Like Box, Login Button, Registration Send Button, Subscribe Button, Comments, and Activity Feed.