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Invest in Silver: The Next Few Years Could Make A lot of People Very Wealthy, says Smith McKenna

July 29, 2012

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The price of gold and silver would be much higher under current market conditions if it weren’t for some strength in the stock and bond sector. Is this bad? No it’s not, especially for first time and long term investors, because right now it is allowing for exceptionally cheap prices for buying and investing in silver. As traditional investment forms reach their bubble and subsequently fall, including interest rates rebounding and global economic recovery, silver is expected to emerge as the leader – reaching never before seen highs.

Silver is approximately $26 per ounce, compared to gold at roughly $1,600 per ounce right now. The value ratio between the two is substantially skewed compared to its traditional value and mirroring relationship. Because of this and what lies ahead, pay particular attention to silver, because silver investors are potentially going to be very wealthy in the next few years.

According to Stephen Smith, the managing member at Smith McKenna LLC, the key to investing in silver both in the past and in the future will always be having the right knowledge and position in the market. One part of that is the price of the investment, and right now marks the perfect time to invest in silver. Smith McKenna is offering a FREE investment guide to educate the public on how to invest in silver before the next precious metal boom. http://www.smithmckenna.com/investment-guide.

When the dollar and other investment forms depreciate, precious metals strengthen in their value as a hedge. What most people overlook is that silver is also used as a key resource and industrial metal in many manufacturing sectors. From solar panels to hospitals and electronics, silver demand is increasing with limited supply. When supply is lower than demand, we have another key component to drive the spot price of silver due north. Silver could essentially reach $50/oz by the end of 2012 and even $100/oz in the next few years according to emerging data.

Smith recommends that investors (both first time and professional) stay away from the inherent dangers associated with ETFs, Futures and Options; and invest in the physical asset itself. ETFs and other ways to invest in precious metals may be attractive because of the need to safely secure and store commodities and bullion; however owning physical silver is the safest route.

Traditionally there have been large costs associated with storing, insuring and selling precious metals. Because of this Smith McKenna launched a completely new business model which offers the cheapest, most secure investment possible. Their clients benefit from no commission brokers, free insurance, and a shockingly low 0.1% storage fee in licensed third party depositories. All of the savings are passed onto the investor; substantially increasing potential profits.

Most people miss out on the chance to invest when the barriers of entry are low and before market booms because of fear, lack of knowledge, or inexperience in unfamiliar territory. Basically, most people just don’t know where to start. “Did you know that silver might be a better investment vehicle than your IRA/401k,” added Smith.

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