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How to Spread Bet as S&P Retains UK AAA Rating Despite Fears of Triple-Dip Recession

July 30, 2012

LONDON, July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

UK investors received conflicting news about the country’s growth prospects over the
weekend, with concerns about the UK falling into a triple-dip recession next spring
cancelling out any positive effects of Standard & Poor’s report, which stated that the
country is likely to return to positive growth later this year.

In the following guide, we look at how to spread bet
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the news.

Positive Outlook for the UK

The S&P has retained its AAA credit rating for the UK and believes that the economy
will stabilise and even return to positive growth during the second half of the year on
account of the Olympics.

A report released by the Sunday Times, on the other hand, has indicated that the UK is
in a real danger of falling back into another recession next spring on account of the
deepening eurozone crisis and once the temporary boom caused by the Olympics has ebbed

The Sunday Times Report estimates a possible Greek exit from the eurozone in the
spring of 2013, which, it says, will impair the UK’s growth potential next year and drag
the country right back into another recession.

The eurozone crisis has so far been difficult to predict and while Greece’s exit from
the eurozone continues to appear to be a foregone conclusion by some market analysts, the
true timing of such an event remains anybody’s guess.

How to Spread Bet Falling Markets

With financial spread betting [http://www.finspreads.com ], it is possible to net a
potential profit from the markets irrespective of whether you believe the UK will slip
deeper into a recession or hang onto any positive growth spurred by the Olympics boom.

As a spread betting investor, you could take a position on markets such as the FTSE
100 or pound sterling irrespective of whether you expect UK GDP to contract further or
expand. All you need to do is determine the direction in which you expect the markets to
move in the coming months.

If, for instance, you expected sterling to strengthen against, say, the euro in the
coming months on account of a strengthening UK GDP, you could choose to sell euro against
the pound by opening a short spread betting position on EUR/GBP. This means that you will
profit in line with every pip that the euro weakens against the British pound.

Alternatively, if you expected the euro to rise against the pound, you could open a
buy position or go long the EUR/GBP currency pair and you will profit for every pip that
the euro rises against the British pound.

If you were right and prices moved in the direction you had expected, you would make a
spread betting profit. Alternatively, you would net a spread betting loss.

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