New iPhone Coming This September?
July 31, 2012

Like A Flood: Get Ready For A New iPhone This September

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

iPhone rumor news came like a flood yesterday, with the deluge starting just after lunch, Pacific time.

Rene Ritchie over at made sure we had something interesting to wake up to, running a story with the headline “Apple iPhone 5 and iPad mini event planned for September 12, iPhone 5 release date for September 21.”

According to Ritchie´s report, sources had said Apple would hold a special event on Wednesday, September 12 to announce not only a new iPhone and not only a new iPod Nano, but a new iPad Mini as well, making it one of the most ambitious product announcements ever. Similar to iPhone announcements in the past, the next Apple smartphone will begin shipping just 9 days later, on September 21.

This isn´t the first time we´ve seen September 21st pop up in this year´s iPhone rumor mill, as the French Website last week said the next iPhone would be available on that day.

This news circulated through the various news channels before All Things D took some time away from the big Apple vs Samsung court battle to throw some confirmation behind these rumors, saying they´re sources are saying Apple will hold a special press event to launch at least the iPhone come September 12.

Sources tell AllThingsD that Apple is currently planning an event for that week, with Wednesday being the likely date,” writes John Paczkowski.

“And while we haven´t yet confirmed its focus, history suggests it will indeed be the new iPhone. One thing´s for certain, though: Apple is ramping up for a big fall product cycle.”

Less than an hour later, Jim Dalrymple, formerly with Ars Technica, now writing for The Loop Insight, gave his famous sign of approval to the iMore and All Things D claims: “yep.” Dalrymple is known around the Apple rumor mill for either confirming or debunking rumors with monosyllabic answers, either “yep” or “nope.”

It´s worth mentioning, by the way, that Dalrymple only gave the Yep to the iPhone rumors, saying nothing of the other iMore rumors.

Shortly after the Dalrymple Yep of Confirmation, The Verge also jumped in with their own sources, further “confirming” that Apple will be hosting an event come September 12.

“Our own sources familiar with the matter have confirmed that date, and multiple websites have similar reports as well,” writes Dante D´Orazio for The Verge.

“It's still not certain what will be announced at the event, but it seems very likely that it will be the next-generation iPhone.” So still no further confirmation on that tricky iPad Mini, but at least the new iPhone seems to be a lock.

Another piece of news from iLab yesterday morning “confirmed” that the next iPhone will, in fact, look much like what we´ve been seeing for the last several months: Stretched screen, new dock, thick metal band on the back, relocated headphone jack. This time, iLab had full, high-resolution pictures of a fully assembled iPhone, as opposed to the back plates and other parts we´ve also been seeing.

I don´t mean to brag, but these new “confirmations” also fit in nicely with my prediction that we´d know “something” about a new iPhone come October 9th.

Then again, my predictions were more tongue-in-cheek than tongue-wagging, so it´s easy to see why my estimations weren´t picked up earlier by major media outlets. For what it´s worth, I have no idea about what will happen with this rumored iPad Mini“¦not that I´m bitter.