Tag Your Facebook Friends With Bing Social Sidebar
July 31, 2012

Tag Your Facebook Friends With Bing Social Sidebar

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

Two months after revealing a revamped Bing search engine, and in continuing to promote its social status, software giant Microsoft has added a new Facebook feature to Bing´s social sidebar.

Microsoft announced today that Bing users can now tag up to five of their Facebook friends to aid in a search. By typing a friend´s name into the sidebar on the right of the search site, a user can share his or her search with the friend, allowing that friend to actively participate in the search.

Of course this only works if you give Bing permission to access your Facebook account. If you do, your search query is automatically posted to your Facebook Timeline, and any of your tagged friends will get a notification so that they can offer input and help you find what it is you´re searching for.

For example: Say you are searching for a summer vacation spot and you know someone on Facebook who travels a lot and might have some good tips to offer. So you tag this friend, who can aid in your search for a great vacation spot.

“This allows you to effortlessly tap into the collective wisdom of your social network,” Microsoft explained in the announcement.

The new Facebook social search feature is now live. It follows another Bing feature released not long ago: Foursquare integration into search results, which allows users to search for topics that their friends have also liked. Microsoft has been in connection with Facebook for two years, when it first integrated the social network´s thumbs-up “likes” feature into its search process.

The new feature makes sense for Bing -- after a recent survey found that 90 percent of people seek the help of friends and family during decision making. It also marks one more improvement to aid in Microsoft´s plan to use social networking in its fight against Google.

A video of how the Bing social sidebar works can be found here.