Archos Teases Slender Gen 10 Tablet
August 3, 2012

Archos Shows Off Slender Gen 10 Tablet

Derek Walter for - Your Universe Online

After teasing its forthcoming tablet a few months back, Archos unveiled a photo of the Gen 10 Android device this week. The company posted, “ARCHOS Gen 10 is coming...see you in three weeks for the launch announcement” on its official Facebook page on Wednesday.

There are very few details beyond this, however. Archos showed a video of the device in March, but it was similarly short on any kind of specifics. While it looks sleek and modern, it will need to overcome a crowded field of disappointing Android tablets that have been shown up by the Nexus 7.

The success of the Nexus 7 has given some hope to hardware makers that an Android-based tablet can be successful and generate sales. Yet, there is still the challenge of the lack of applications when compared to the iPad. Android apps can be upscaled to a larger screen; yet while this works fine for a seven-inch device, it may not look so great on a 10-inch screen. More tablet-specific apps will greatly increase the likelihood of success for Archos.

No further details beyond the video and images have been released. Presumably it could run with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, yet that is not known at this time (during its first round of teasing Archos said it would run 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich). Other rumors place this device as potentially being the thinnest tablet yet. CNET reported that  like the Asus Transformer Infinity, the device could have a keyboard dock accessory.

Additionally, Archos does not exactly have a reputation for developing devices targeted at the higher end of the market. The price is also another of the intangibles: The Verge said the rumors of the price range from $260 to $520.