Samsung to release their new Note 10.1 Android Tablet
August 6, 2012

Samsung To Release New Note 10.1 Android Tablet

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Last week, Samsung confirmed to Reuters they had plans to release their long-awaited Tab 10.1 follow up just ahead of the IFA show in Germany, saying,“We plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29.”

Seems straight forward enough, no?

Then, hours later, another Samsung spokesperson gave a statement to All Things D, suggesting that maybe they weren´t all looking at the same playbook: “We can confirm the unpacked event will take place on August 29th, but we cannot disclose information on what will be unveiled,” said the second spokesperson.

It´s much easier to believe the first spokesperson than the second. After all, it´s more likely the first spokesperson simply said too much rather than invent announcements for the event.

Now that they´ve had a weekend to think it over, Samsung is now confirming to some news sources that they will, in fact, be releasing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 “globally in August.”

Samsung did not, however, have many specifics about the availability of their new tablet in other countries. The Galaxy Note 10.1 looks similar to its Tab 10.1 predecessor. Not only does it have the same sized screen as the Tab, it´s also packed in a very familiar form factor, likely to the chagrin of Apple, who´s been taking Samsung to court all over the world for patent and trade dress infringement. The new Note 10.1 will, however, hold on to its controversial and defining “S Stylus” for drawing, taking notes, etc.

"The Galaxy Note 10.1 is a product we are very excited about and will offer our customers a new way to use and experience a tablet device. As well as being able to consume content such as videos, photos, document and the internet, the Galaxy Note 10.1 also gives them the power to produce, create and customize that same content," said Simon Stafford, vice president of telecommunications and networks at Samsung UK and Ireland in a statement on Monday.

Since the Note 10.1 was seen at this year´s Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, the new Android tablet has gotten a few spec boosts, including a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. When it was first shown, the Note 10.1 housed a dual-core processor. Samsung could have bumped the processor in an attempt to compete with the latest iPad.

Turning on the Note 10.1 is as easy as removing the Stylus from its housing. Borrowing a feature from the Samsung Galaxy S III, the new Note 10.1 will also use facial recognition technology to determine if anyone is actively using the device. Like the iPad, the Note 10.1 will ship in 16, 32 and 64 GB options (though the memory can be expanded via memory card) and has a front-facing and a rear-facing camera. The Galaxy Note will first ship with Wi-Fi and HSPA+ options. Later in the year, Samsung will release LTE options, though they did not say which parts of the world will be getting the LTE treatment.

According to PC World, the Galaxy Note 10.1 will first be available in Germany, South Korea, the UK and the US later this month. The Note 10.1 will start shipping in Sweden beginning August 20.