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Prometheus Research Unveils New HTSQL Functions Including Support for Django, Nested Queries, and Improved Export Features

August 6, 2012

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Aug. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Hypertext Structured Query Language (HTSQL) is Prometheus Research‘s open-source navigational query language for relational databases. Developed for data analysts and “accidental programmers”, HTSQL enables users to easily write and share database queries via the web for complex ad-hoc reporting. HTSQL 2.3 is an indispensable business tool for data-driven organizations because it focuses on broad integration, exploration, and intuitive, user-friendly reporting features.

“The latest release, HTSQL 2.3, is especially exciting for Python developers because it includes a HTSQL-Django gateway,” said co-creator Clark Evans, also of YAML fame. “Also, we completely rewrote our internal query output structure and corresponding formatters so that they provide support for nested records – it’s really quite extraordinary.”

Other features introduced in HTSQL 2.3 allow analysts to more easily navigate their databases, especially when searching for a specific record by using a record locator mechanism. “The lovely thing about locators is that the entity IDs are not only human readable, but act as opaque identifiers. In this manner, generic applications could be written without needing to know the key structure of each and every table in the database schema,” added Evans.

In addition to the standard export formats of CSV, XLS, HTML, and JSON already offered in earlier versions, HTSQL 2.3 introduces a new XML output for easier integration with third party tools as well as improved visual styling of the standard HTML-based output for more user-friendly reporting.

HTSQL is free for use under the AGPLv3 and also under a permissive license for use with open source databases. It is the enabling technology of the Research Exchange Database, RexDB®, in use at leading institutions including Yale University, Weill Cornell Medical Center, Marcus Autism Center, Georgia Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Baylor College of Medicine, and others.

For more information about the freely available HTSQL 2.3 release, visit HTSQL.org.


HTSQL is a URI-based high-level query language for relational databases. HTSQL wraps your database with a REST-ful web service layer, translating HTTP requests into SQL and returning results as HTML, JSON, etc. HTSQL is designed for those who need a usable and comprehensive query tool for data access and reporting. HTSQL was developed at Prometheus and is free to the public: http://htsql.org/.

About Prometheus Research

Prometheus Research’s mission is to help leading research institutions and large funding organizations get more value from their data. Prometheus offers outsourced data management services, expert consulting, and software customization to deliver sensible solutions powered by their adaptable, web-based RexDB® technology. Prometheus’ unique combination of technical skill and deep domain knowledge make them an ideal partner for building centralized data repositories, supporting interdisciplinary collaborations, and securely sharing sensitive data. Several of Prometheus’ inventions have made significant advances in the areas of data acquisition, integration, curation, and exploration including the open source query language, HTSQL(TM), and the Research Exchange Database, RexDB®.

You can learn more about Prometheus, as well as support for HTSQL 2.3, at www.prometheusresearch.com.

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