August 7, 2012

Samsung Even Ripped Off Apple’s Icons

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

A simple web search can pull up a host of evidence against Samsung in the debate of “Who copied whom.”

As these things often go in today´s modern age, there´s even a Tumblr account aptly titled “Samsung Copies Apple” full of examples of Samsung´s, how shall I put it, attempt at flattery.

The most recent perpetration occurs in their Chromebox, a Mac-Mini clone which runs Google´s Chrome OS.

Images can even be found of Samsung posing their products in a very Apple fashion in their advertisements and using very familiar UI choices in their apps, such as their voice recorder app.

Once, Samsung went so far as to photoshop the iOS version of Google Maps onto their iPod Touch look-alike Galaxy Player 50.

During the third day of the epic battle between Apple and Samsung, the Cupertino kid threw some more accusations at the Korea company, saying that not only have they copied their physical designs from Apple, they´ve even copied their icon designs in Samsung´s own TouchWiz UI. The TouchWiz UI is layered on top of the stock Android UI. Many phone manufacturers have their own “wrapper” they place on top of Android to place their signature on otherwise basic phones. HTC, for instance, uses HTC Sense UI in their Android offerings.

CNET has the pictures of the lifted icons in question and, in truth, Samsung´s TouchWiz icons look awfully familiar.

The phone icon is shown in the first of 6 examples, with Apple´s icon set above a grid of 8 different Samsung logos used for 8 different devices. Each icon features a white phone facing east on top of a green background. Apple´s icon has a bit of a gradient to it, while most of the Samsung icons use plain green.

In the second example, Apple´s iTunes logo is seen amongst another grid of 8 Samsung icons. Each feature a combination of a CD, an eighth note, and the color purple, all features of the iTunes store icon.

The Contacts icon is up next, and in this example, Samsung´s icon looks least like Apple´s in the set of 6.

Apple´s icon features a silhouette on top of a beige binder complete with tabs.

Each of Samsung´s icons feature the same silhouette, but are set on top of a 2-ring binder clad in an orange to yellow icon. Similar, yet different.

Apple also accuses Samsung of ripping off their notes, photos and settings apps. In each instance, the Samsung icon looks suspiciously similar to Apple´s and only vary in small, seemingly insignificant ways.

Apple will use two user interface experts to plead their case for them, including the designer of the famous Happy Mac icon, Susan Kare. It´s not hard to see how Samsung´s icons may have been inspired by Apple, but when they´re placed side-by-side as Apple has done in their evidence, it becomes glaringly obvious that there are some striking similarities.

Apple has been efficient with their trial time, leaving several hours before Samsung has a turn to plead their case.

Their actions and accusations suggest Apple is quite confident in their claims, a far cry from Samsung´s behavior thus far of releasing rejected evidence to the press and accusing Apple of ripping off “2001: A Space Odyssey.”