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Spread Betting Strategy for Trading Tesco Shares

August 7, 2012

LONDON, August 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

On Monday, 6 August, Tesco launched its mortgage offering through its Tesco Bank with
the aim of using its Clubcard loyalty scheme to judge whether or not to grant a loan to

Following the announcement of their new offering, the Tesco share price rallied from
319p (close of trading on Friday 3 August) to 322.30p (Close of trading on Monday 6

Below, we offer you a spread betting strategy
[http://www.cityindex.co.uk/spread-betting ] for trading Tesco shares with a spread betting
account from City Index.

Spread Betting Strategy

Below, we offer you a basic spread betting strategy that should be used as a guideline
when placing a spread bet. Full research and analysis should be included, as well as risk
management orders.

Step 1. Research

Chief Executive of Tesco Bank, Benny Higgins, revealed plans to use data derived from
the UK supermarket’s Clubcard loyalty scheme to rate its customers through their new
mortgage offering.

With more than 15 million households signed up to the scheme, Tesco Bank is hoping to
make use of this comprehensive information to decide whether or not to grant loans based
on spending habits.

According to Bloomberg.com, Higgins stated that by using this data to assess
customers’ suitability for home loans, they can make ‘a better assessment of risk’,

“It’s about simplicity, about transparency, about rewarding loyalty.”

Step 2. Plan your Trade

Having researched your market, you will now want to plan your trade.

Through thorough market research and analysis, you will decide whether or not you wish
to go long and buy or short and sell your chosen market, which in this example will be
Tesco shares.

If you believe that following news of Tesco’s latest mortgage offering that their
share price will continue to rise, you would go long and buy the market.

In the event you are correct and the Tesco share price rises, you will profit for each
penny that Tesco’s shares price rises above your buy price. However, if you are wrong and
the share price falls – going against your position – you will incur a loss. As spread
betting is a leveraged product, there is the risk that losses could exceed your initial

Alternatively, you may expect that the Tesco share price will start to fall and
therefore decide to go short and sell the market.

If you are correct and the Tesco share price falls, you will profit for each penny the
share price falls below your sell price. However, if you are wrong and the Tesco share
price rises – going against your position – you will incur a loss that could exceed your
initial deposit.

With this in mind, it is important that you utilise the range of risk management tools
available to you through the City Index spread betting platform
[http://www.cityindex.co.uk/trading-platform ] in order to limit your potential losses.

Step 3. Place a Trade

To place a spread bet you must first have a spread betting account with City Index -
you can find out how to open an account below.

Once your account has been opened, you can start spread betting across a range of
trading platforms.

These include an online trading platform and mobile trading app, City Trading(TM) -
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Start Financial Spread Betting

To start spread betting across a range of trading platforms – including the City
Trading mobile application – you can apply for a spread betting account
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Spread betting is a leveraged product which can result in losses greater than your
initial deposit. Ensure you fully understand the risks.

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