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MEMS Market Tripled from 2009 to 2011, Where Will The Growth Come From Over the Next 5 Years?

August 7, 2012

FARMINGTON, Conn., Aug. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The global market for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) tripled from 2009 to 2011, and is forecast to reach $5.4 billion by 2017. Industry watchers, investors, businesses, regulators, and aspiring entrepreneurs need to know where this growth will come from if they are going to capitalize on it. Published over the last 3 months, these new market research reports from GII partner publisher Yole Developpement offer details and insight into the major players in the MEMS market, granting advanced forecasts and insight into the tiny devices that power some of the world’s most advanced technologies.

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Status of the MEMS Industry 2012

Based on 20 years’ experience in MEMS market analysis, GII, in cooperation with partner firm Yole Developpement, present the 2012 edition of “Status of the MEMS Industry” (“MIS”), including MEMS device markets, key players strategies, key industry changes and trends and MEMS financial analysis. It also includes major MEMS manufacturing evolutions as well as an update on the “emerging” MEMS device markets.

MEMS will continue to see steady, sustainable double digit growth for the next six years, with 20% compound average annual growth in units and 13% growth in revenues, to become a $21 billion market by 2017. This report forecasts continued strong growth in motion sensing and microfluidics as those sectors will increasingly come to dominate the MEMS market totals, making up almost half of the overall market in 2017, with accelerometers, gyros, magnetometers and combos accounting for about 25% of the total, and microfluidics for 23%. To better track important developments in inertial, Yole have broken out a separate category for combo sensors in our market data and forecasts this year. This report shows the market for discrete inertial sensors will begin to decline, but the growth for inertial combo solutions will be huge. Though they currently represent less than $100 million niche market, combos will grow to become a $1.7 billion opportunity by 2017.

Sample charts, an executive summary, and a free sample of the full document are available at http://www.giiresearch.com/report/yd212432-status-mems-industry-2011.html

World MEMS Players 2012

World MEMS Players is a unique tool for business and marketing managers, institutions and investors who need easy access to analytics and stats on the major MEMS players across the world. In Excel format, it gives a complete overview of the worldwide MEMS fabs with contacts, business models, MEMS products, wafer size and production. In a user-friendly Excel format, it allows search & statistics for customer’s identification and products details. The database comes with statistics presenting geographical breakdown in MEMS business.

This database is ideal for marketing and sales teams at MEMS equipment and materials manufacturers who need an exhaustive list of potential customers, as well as the executives at those MEMS companies who want a complete view of their competitors. This tool is also designed for investors and VCs who want to identify new startups, and MEMS manufacturers who want to scan the competition landscape before making big design, implementation, or acquisition decisions.

An Executive Summary for this report and a free sample are available at http://www.giiresearch.com/report/yd247211-world-mems-players-2012.html

MEMS For Cell Phones & Tablets

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices have proven extremely popular in mobile applications; despite this interest, however, only 3 categories of MEMS devices have high volume production today: Motion sensors, MEMS microphones, and BAW filters and duplexers. Many other MEMS products are still under development. Yole Developpement’s new MEMS market research report, MEMS For Cell Phones & Tablets, highlights that novel MEMS opportunities need to be watched as they will fuel this market significantly: pressure sensors, inertial sensors, RF MEMS switches, Oscillators, MEMS auto-focus, microdisplays, microspeakers, environmental sensors, touchscreen, joystics.

The MEMS market tripled from 2009 to 2011, and the market for MEMS in cell phones and tablets will reach $5.4 billion by 2017. The ranking of the top players has also evolved the past 2 years: ST Microelectronics ranked third in 2009 and is now by far the number one supplier, with $477 million cellphone and tablet revenue in 2011. ST Microelectronics dominates the MEMS accelerometer market, had an impressive start with MEMS gyroscopes, only is challenged by InvenSense while it continues to expand into many other MEMS devices to become a one-stop supplier.

An Executive Summary for this report and a free sample of the full document are available at http://www.giiresearch.com/report/yd239909-mems-cell-phones-tablets.html

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