August 7, 2012

Even More Evidence Of A New, 4-Inch iPhone 5

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

I understand.

There are probably some of you who are still quite skeptical that the next iPhone will, indeed, boast a new 3.999-inch display.

You´re right. They haven´t even announced the thing yet. For all we know, Apple´s next smartphone could be shaped more like Microsoft´s failed Kin One testudine atrocity than their iconic Braun-like designs of years past.

Sure, we´ve seen a plethora of pictures of what is said to the parts and glass of the next iPhone, the dock connector slimmed down, the screen slightly stretched to a 4-ish-inch size, but these things can be ℠shopped to fool those of lesser constitutions.

After all, just because news sites such as the Wall Street Journal confirm these kinds of rumors doesn´t mean they´ll come true. After all, The Wall Street Journal has been wrong about these kinds of things before, right?

You have every reason to remain dubious if you ask me. Best to wait until Tim Cook takes hold of the Keynote clicker and makes an image of what will be the next iPhone fall with a thud and cloud of digital dust on the big screen behind him during their press event which may or may not occur on September 12.

No, I know you. I know that even if I tell you the latest beta of iOS 6 is scalable to a taller, 640 x 1136 display, you´ll continue to play your cards close to your vest until you see that video of Sir Ive discussing how they´ve completely revolutionized the iPhone all over again, using only the purest of metals and thinnest of glasses.

In fact, you shouldn´t have to wait very long for all your suspicions to finally be proven wrong or right. iOS 6 is expected “in the fall,” after all, presumably a few days before the next iPhone, no matter what size, will find its way to our hot little hands.

According to, this new iOS 6 beta not only allows for a scalable display, allowing the OS to work on multiple devices, even those without a 4-inch display, (read: every other iPhone and iPod Touch) it also allows for an additional row of icons to be displayed, taking advantage of the extra space. The 9 to 5 Mac team were able to fiddle with the iOS simulator included in Xcode and create some images of what an iPhone would look like with a display of 640 x 1136.

In these images, the iOS 5.1 simulator displayed the home screen with a stretched 4 rows of icons. In the iOS 6 simulator, on the other hand, the home screen was shown with 5 rows of icons, as you might expect from a 4-inch, or 3.999 inch screen.

9 to 5 Mac also points out that the iOS 6 simulator won´t correctly display 5 rows of icons at resolutions other than 640 x 1136, and at other resolutions, the icons will scale to a layout more akin to the iPad´s home screen rather than sticking to a layout more familiar on a iPhone or iPod Touch.

But I know you. You´re still waiting for the official word before you get your hopes up.

You, my friend, are a beacon of patience.

And I salute you.