August 7, 2012

Say Goodbye To ‘Josh The Genius’ And Those Terrible Apple Ads

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

Apple´s ad agency is saying they´re not reacting or responding to waves and waves of criticism, but they´ve finally stopped showing those horrendous, Sitcom-y Genius ads.

Josh the Genius” made his way to American TV last week during the opening week of the 2012 London Olympic games.

Immediately following the virginal showing of the ads, forum boards, tech-centric blogs and most importantly, Twitter was set alight with commentary both in favor and against the ads.

Those in favor of the ads took more of a defeatist attitude, saying Apple was merely reaching a new set of customers.

Those who opposed the ads found them to be kitschy, in poor taste, and just plain bad, if not entirely insulting to potential Apple customers.

In the past, Apple commercials have always placed the product as the star, focusing on what regular people can do thanks to the latest and greatest from Cupertino.

Perhaps these new ads were meant to pitch the Genius bar– Apple´s own brand of in-store tech support– as a product, reminding would-be customers that there is always someone able and willing to help with whatever needs they may have.

If this is the case, it seems Apple also wants to communicate that their Geniuses are not only willing to help with issues that fall outside of their realm of expertise (as in the case of the expectant mother ad) but are also constantly in uniform and ready to go, no matter how odd or out-of-touch it may make them appear to be. After all, in one ad, “Josh the Genius” is seen sleeping in his uniform. I mean, who does that?

Just as quickly as he was dropped on us, “Josh the Genius” has disappeared, as Apple has apparently stopped running the ads during the second week of the Olympic games. After all, the ads only ran during prime time Olympic events.

The team at Mashable reached out to a representative from TBWA/Media/Arts Lab, Apple´s ad agency to confirm their suspicions. According to the rep for the ad agency, Apple has indeed stopped running the ads, but said this was the plan all along. Apparently, the ads were only intended for the first week of the Olympics and were to be pulled thereafter.

The ads are still available on Apple´s Mac site, should you ever want to see them again, though I´m struggling for a reason why you´d want to.

“Josh the Genius” is also still making appearances on Apple´s YouTube site, though the company engaged in some very suspicious activity yesterday, removing their current Siri/Scorsese ad only to add it again, removing “Josh” from his spot at the top of the page. Perhaps Apple wants to be remembered for their work with the “Casino” director rather than a plucky, overly ambitious youngster who likely gets his jollies by cosplaying as a Genius when he gets home from working at the Apple store as a Genius.

I mean, how relatable is that?