Tablet Buyers Driven By Apps And Price
August 8, 2012

Apps And Price Drive Prospective Tablet Buyers

Derek Walter for - Your Universe Online

A recent survey confirms what many have felt about consumer preferences in tablets: those with high brand loyalty and who crave the best apps are drawn to the iPad.

Yet the news isn´t just good for Apple; data indicates that the majority of tablet owners are satisfied with their devices and use them for a wide array of content.

The comScore survey, a monthly effort dubbed TabLens, looked at demographic and other tendencies for those buying an iPad, Android, or Kindle Fire tablet. While the Kindle Fire runs a heavily modified version of Android, it was counted in a separate category.

On average those opting for the iPad tended to skew male, slightly younger (44.5 percent under the age of 35) and from higher-income households (46.3 percent with an income of $100,000 or greater).

Those who were more drawn to the iPad placed a greater emphasis on brand loyalty and quality of app selection. Those most concerned about price were more likely to be drawn to the Kindle Fire or an Android tablet.

The data was compiled from a three-month rolling sample size of 6,000 U.S. tablet owners.

The Kindle Fire was more popular among females: about 56 percent owned one compared to about 43 percent of men.

Gaming, social media and reading are among the most popular activities. Also, nearly three in five read books on their tablet and 70 percent of users play games.

The iPad further dominated in overall satisfaction, outscoring its rivals. However, all three categories had a relatively high satisfaction ranking; the iPad led on a 10-point scale at 8.8, with the Kindle Fire at 8.7 and Android at 8.1.

The survey results itself describes the tablet market as “fast-evolving and highly competitive,” indicating that these numbers may continue to change over time. As further evidence, the Nexus 7 (Google´s first branded tablet) has sold very well, with one of its models selling out briefly.

Rumors have swirled for the past several months about Apple releasing a seven-inch version of the iPad to compete with the smaller tablets. During the patent trial between Apple and Samsung, an e-mail chain was released that showed Steve Jobs was open to this possibility.