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XBT Holding LTD Continues Expansion With Acquisitions in Singapore and Luxembourg

August 8, 2012

AMSTERDAM, August 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

XBT Holding LTD, global telecom provider for business continuity, acquired web hosting
companies in Singapore and Luxembourg. XBT Holding, which owns Webzilla, one of the
world’s largest hosting providers, plans to continue improving its offerings in the
hosting industry with similar acquisitions in the future.

The new companies brought under the XBT Holding umbrella include Luxembourg’s largest
hosting provider, Server.lu, acquired in June 2012. In July, the company acquired 100% of
Singaporean company 8 to Infinity (8.to).

In addition to substantially increasing the XBT Holding’s global offerings, the
company’s extensive infrastructure, global network and partnership with vendors, tier-1
providers and traffic carriers will improve business processes for Server.lu and 8 to
Infinity, bringing those companies to new levels of efficiency.

XBT Holding LTD analysts expect 100% growth annually for both Server.lu and 8 To
Infinity. In 2011, Webzilla group traffic grew 150%, and the company’s global organic
revenue growth topped 96%. In 2012, XBT Holding LTD plans to continue aggressive expansion
with multiple acquisitions in Europe and Asia.

Rajesh Kumar Mishra, chief financial officer of XBT Holding LTD, said, “With the
successful acquisition and integration of these two companies, we are exercising what we
see as a clear opportunity for growth in India and Hong Kong. The Asian market has grown
immensely in recent years, but the hosting business in Asian countries is not yet up to
the standards of the U.S. and Europe, because it’s not yet organized. Our goal is to use
the Webzilla group’s global expertise to provide a similar level of organization and
service to customers throughout Asia.”

With its resources, including the newly acquired companies, XBT Holding LTD can offer
new markets competitive global solutions, such as dedicated managed and unmanaged servers,
VPS and shared hosting, traffic transit and content delivery.

About Webzilla and XBT Holding LTD

XBT Holding LTD, a privately owned holding company, founded Webzilla web hosting
company [http://webzilla.com ] in 2005. XBT Holding includes a wide range of telecom and
hosting companies, including Webzilla, IP Transit, and Universal CDN. The company offers
enterprise customers in all sectors a full portfolio of telecom services for business
continuity, including colocation, managed dedicated servers, cloud computing,
high-performance managed networking, storage, and security.

For more information, visit http://www.webzilla.com.

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Source: PR Newswire