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Provost Academy Georgia Opens Enrollment for 2012-2013 School Year

August 8, 2012

ATLANTA, Aug. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Provost Academy, Georgia’s newest tuition-free online public high school, announced that it is opening its virtual doors to Georgia students this August and is currently enrolling students in grades 9 through 12 for the 2012-2013 school year.

Parents and students seeking more information about Provost Academy should visit the Web site at: www.ga.provostacademy.com, or call: 866-517-5582 toll free.

Provost Academy Georgia is a new state-authorized public online school that is free of charge to residents of Georgia, and offers high school students the public school choice of an engaging, adaptable and quality online learning experience. Students work toward their regular public high school diploma – recognized by colleges and employers – as they would in a traditional school, but in the convenient, safe environment of their own home through computer-based educational programs.

Unlike any other online high school in Georgia – Provost Academy features Magic Johnson Bridgescape Centers for those students in need of additional help. The Magic Johnson Bridgescape program is a component of Provost Academy to benefit students that need additional attention for a variety of reasons, such as: remediation, tutoring, small group instruction, counseling, and job readiness/ placement.

“Georgia high school students deserve an alternative high-quality educational opportunity that compliments the way they learn and live and challenges them to achieve academic success,” said Dr. Monica Henson, executive director of Provost Academy Georgia. “Provost Academy provides students with a quality online learning experience that is not only engaging, but flexible and personalized to fit their specific needs and learning abilities.”

In contrast to other online learning programs, both Provost Academy and Magic Johnson Bridgescape Learning Centers use a proprietary modular curriculum design so courses can be adapted to fit a student’s individual needs, and content can be rearranged and customized for individual learning paths. Further, parents and students can easily monitor learning progress, assignments, and grades at a glance on their own personal home page.

“We believe that all types of learners can find success with Provost Academy,” said Dr. Henson. “Whether you’ve had trouble maintaining focus within a traditional public school setting, want to graduate early or have a busy schedule that requires more flexibility during the day, Provost Academy offers students the tools necessary to accomplish their goals and achieve academic success.”

Provost Academy Georgia is an Online Public High School serving grades 9 to 12. It is uniquely designed to offer a challenging, flexible and individualized education option for students who want or need something different from traditional high schools.

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