Weather Meter for Racing and Automotive Industry Now Available at Kestrel Meters

August 8, 2012

A weather meter for racing and automotive industries makes it easy for drivers and staff to monitor real-time updates on temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and density altitude in order to make quick decisions on the track and to analyze data post-race.

(PRWEB) August 08, 2012

A weather meter for racing and automotive industry members is now available at KestrelMeters.com, the online retailer recently announced. The Kestrel Meter 4250 Racing Weather Tracker has become a favorite tool in racing pits around the country, replacing bulky and expensive weather monitoring systems that have quickly become technologically outdated. Bob Smith, KestrelMeters.com spokesman said, “Even the smallest changes in temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and density altitude can have a drastic affect on a car´s racing performance. The Kestrel 4250 tracks all of this information for you, with fast tracking information that helps drivers determine what kind of adjustments they need to make before they even complete a lap around the track.

The Kestrel 4250 weather meter for the racing and automotive industry is part of the Kestrel 4000 series, which features Bluetooth capability for fast transmission of real-time and logged data automatically to a computer. The weather meter for racing has a 2000 point data log, making it easy to track conditions for individual race days, and also offers an optional computer interface for easy uploading of data to a PC or laptop. This functionality makes it easy to perform in-depth analysis and detailed charting of stored data throughout the race season.

In addition to Kestrel Meters being used in the racing and automotive industry, they are also utilized by athletes, law enforcement and members of the military. Depending on the model, the weather meters sold by KestrelMeters.com track a variety of atmospheric conditions in order to maintain the health and safety of individuals who regularly exert themselves outdoors for sports or for other types of physical training.

KestrelMeters.com sells top of the line wind meters and handheld weather meters that are designed to be easy to use, highly durable and portable. The company provides products for a wide range of professionals, including athletes, firefighters, farmers, HVAC techs and military personnel all over the world. For more information, please visit KestrelMeters.com.

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