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Global Voice Group Enters Its Fifteenth Year of Commitment and Innovation Within the Telecoms Sector

August 9, 2012

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, August 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

The partner of choice for telecoms regulators

Global Voice Group (GVG) will soon celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the start of
its activity as developer and provider of governance technologies in the
telecommunications sector.

Originally, the group served a clientele composed of incumbent operators and large
fixed and mobile telephone companies. However, from 2005, it reoriented its activities to
focus on the provision of services to regulatory authorities. GVG thus became the first
company to offer telecom management systems that had been specifically designed with
regulators in mind.

GVG is a member of the International Telecommunications Union and has embraced the
mission to support regulators in the face of the many challenges arising from
liberalization, globalization and the increasing complexity of the telecommunications

The group has a strong presence in both emerging and developing countries, where it is
seen as a true pioneer in terms of revenue assurance, fraud management, Quality of Service
monitoring, and other key domains of the regulatory activity.

Today, GVG’s technologies are successfully used by several regulatory authorities, in
Ghana, Guinea-Conakry, Congo-Brazzaville, Liberia, Rwanda and the Central African
Republic, among others. In Ghana, the new international traffic pricing and fraud
management system that was implemented by GVG on the premises of the National
Communications Authority (NCA) has generated an estimated additional revenue exceeding
US$143 million since 2010. It also made it possible to detect more than 155,000 illegal
SIM cards. In Guinea-Conakry, more than 110,000 fraudulent lines have been detected since
2009 thanks to GVG’s system and the group took part in investigations that led to the
dismantling of several networks of clandestine SIM-Box operators.

As Patrice Baker, President of the group, highlighted: “It is essential that
regulatory authorities maintain a technological level that is on par with the industry
they have been entrusted to regulate. The acquisition of technologies that allow States to
have a proper visibility on the sector in terms of revenue, Quality of Service, fraud and
other important parameters is certainly one of the greatest challenges currently facing
regulators. This is true of every country in the world and of emerging countries in
particular, where the rapid opening of the markets and the explosive growth of the mobile
have further accentuated the technological divide between the industry and its regulator
in spite of their unquestionable benefits.”

About GVG

Created in 1998, Global Voice Group S.A. develops and implements sophisticated
management and monitoring solutions for telecoms regulation authorities. As a key investor
and partner, we optimize the regulators’ capacities at all levels to help them take up the
current and future challenges of the sector, both at the national and international level.

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