Which Would You Prefer - iPhone 5 Or iPad Mini
August 9, 2012

More People Would Choose iPhone 5 Over iPad Mini

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

There is no shortage of charts, graphs, slides and visualizations which support the claim that Apple is sitting proudly at the top of their game and only getting better. If you´re looking for real world data to this effect rather than analyst notes and a sundry of statistics, consider this point: People are excited about the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. In fact, many are putting aside some cash to purchase these devices whenever Apple announces them later this year.

Here´s the catch: Apple hasn´t announced a release date. They haven´t announced a press event. They haven´t even used the words iPhone 5 or iPad Mini in a public space, and yet, we mostly assume that we´ll probably see some new, 8-inch-ish iPads and 4-inch-ish iPhone 5s underneath the Christmas tree this year. We´re already wetting ourselves in anticipation for devices which, for all we know, will never exist.

Now, we see what could be confirmation of this excitement from a new and unlikely source, CouponCodes4U.com.

It´s not entirely clear why a coupon site would benefit from conducting this survey, especially since Apple doesn´t offer any online coupons or deals on their products, but the resulting, broad data is interesting to speculate upon.

According to their 1,900 participants, 78% say they would choose the iPhone 5 – a name which causes those in the tech crowd to cringe – over the iPad Mini.

These participants said they´d be more likely to use an iPhone over the new iPad, with 46% of participants calling the iPad Mini “Pointless,” an interesting summation, considering the device doesn´t even exist.

Of these participants, a sweeping majority (76%) said they already own an Apple product. 64% of them own an iPhone, 39% said they own an iPad, and even 31% said they own an iPod.

This study isn´t a hands-down, proof positive prediction of what may happen if Apple releases these products this year, of course, but it is fun to talk about.

All told, these results seem to make a lot of sense.

To be fair, we´ve been waiting for an iPhone 5 for well over a year now. This whole iPad Mini nonsense is recent news. We´re not yet convinced we need a smaller iPad. We´ve yet to get our hands on one, to understand just how it could fit into our daily lives.

As with every Apple product, particularly the iDevices, we need to get our hands on one and take the plunge before we realize we can´t live without them. We took the iPhone plunge years ago. We know how it works. We know how powerful the device is and how transformative in can be. Bigger screen, faster connectivity and a new form factor? Where do we sign up?

An iPad Mini, on the other hand, has yet to impress us. Sure, we´ve had a chance to get to know the regular ol´ iPad. We´ve had time to fall in love with Apple´s tablet, and oh how we fell. This iPad Mini is an entirely different device, however.

When the iPad first arrived in 2010, we were all asking ourselves the same question: “So, it´s just a bigger iPod Touch?”

Of course, we found out that it´s so much more. Besides, what´s so wrong with a bigger iPod Touch?

It´s likely we´re all asking ourselves the same question about the iPad Mini.

“So, is it a slightly bigger iPhone or a slightly smaller iPad?”

We aren´t yet sure where this device fits, and yet, we´re being told by analysts, the media and pundits alike that Apple needs to make this thing to capture the market.

It´s very possible Apple does, in fact, need to expand into this market, if for no other reason than to make sure any human being with cash in hand is able to leave Apple´s store with some sort of glass-fronted slab of any size to meet whatever need they may have in their life. If Apple keeps the iPod Touch around, (and it´s likely the will) they´ll have a solution of multiple sizes for their customers, ranging from 1.5-inch square nano to the 9.7-inch iPad Classic. Just as we quickly realized how important it was for us to have the iPad, it´s likely we´ll soon realize how important it is for us to have an iPad Mini as well.