Apple Vs Samsung: Sales Numbers Released In Court
August 10, 2012

Apple Vs Samsung: Both Companies Told To Reveal Sales Numbers

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

There are some pretty interesting documents being handed around in the case between Apple and Samsung. We´ve learned that Apple wanted to see what a Sony iPhone might look like, and we´ve also seen Samsung directly compare their Galaxy to the Apple device screen by screen, feature by feature, and come up wanting.

Samsung entered more documents into evidence yesterday to help aid them in their fight against Apple, and the information found within is simply more of what we´ve come to expect from this very revealing trial.

These documents detail exactly how many iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches Apple has sold from Q2 2007 all the way to the most recent Q2 2012. Samsung´s documents, on the other hand, offer sales information from Q1 2010 on a sundry of smartphones, 24 total, (some are named multiple times for multiple carriers) and their Galaxy Tab tablets.

Based on these documents, we now know that Samsung has sold 21.25 million phones from June 2010 through June 2012, earning them $7.5 billion in revenue.

Their tablet sales, on the other hand, were not so impressive, as Samsung only managed to sell 1.4 million Galaxy Tab devices of any size.

According to these documents, the best-selling Samsung phones are the Galaxy Prevail (2.25 million units sold) the Epic 4G, (1.89 million) and the Epic 4G Touch version of the Galaxy S II, selling 1.76 million units.

In recent years, one of the lessons Samsung has learned from Apple is to keep a simpler naming convention for their devices, thus their Galaxy line. So far, it appears as if something is working in this line, as the Korean company was able to sell 4.1 million Galaxy S II devices total. (Galaxy S III models aren´t yet represented here.)

Apple didn´t post shabby numbers, either.

From the first generation iPhone to today´s 4S, Apple has sold 85 million smartphones, earning them $50 billion in revenue. Apple´s touch screen iPod hasn´t been performing poorly, either, as 46 million iPod Touch devices have been sold in the same period, earning $10.3 billion.

The iPad, long the tablet leader since its introduction, has managed to sell 34 million units earning $19 billion in revenue, a far cry from Samsung´s paltry 1.4 million.

The issue at hand here, however, isn´t which company has sold the most phones or tablets. Apple still needs to prove Samsung is guilty of infringing upon their trade dress patents, and Samsung still needs to prove Apple can´t hold patents on basic shapes. These numbers, it seems, will come in handy whenever the jury hands down their verdict and will determine how great the losses are for whichever company comes out the victor.

In a noble gesture of kindness, Apple has already done the hard work for the jury, breaking down unit for unit how many of their units were sold which Samsung claims infringes on their patents.

While learning a few trade secrets and sales figures from Apple and Samsung may be “cool” to those of us who are enjoying this trial, there are some secrets the companies would prefer to keep hidden, namely, the source code used to build the software for their devices. While such code could easily prove guilt or innocence, it could also spark further trials if others decided to sneak some of these codes into theirs.

According to All Things D, Apple and Samsung aren´t the only companies trying to keep their information private, as Intel, RIM, Nokia and Microsoft have also petitioned Judge Koh to keep their information hidden from this court.

Reuters America, on the other hand, has been fighting from the first day in this court to make everything open and freely available.

Court resumes today so stay tuned.